How to Find the Best Mattress for Back Pain

A mattress that is too rigid will not help your body relax or sleep. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft will make you slouch and bend your spine. If you are constantly experiencing back pain, then your mattress could be to blame. There are claims that beds deteriorate after they reach their seventh year of usage.

 There are some factors, however, which prove that the kind of mattress your bed has can cause some discomfort like body stiffness. This lends credence to the claim that mattresses must be sufficiently supportive to take your body’s weight without sagging yet still adequately firm for turning in bed with ease. Quality sleep, without doubt, depends on the quality of your mattress and poorly manufactured mattresses have been associated with chronic pain.

If you are curious about what the best mattress for back pain is, here are some tips to help you.

What is the best mattress for your bad back?

If we sleep comfortably, it’s because we sleep on quality mattresses. And if we always get sufficient sleep, we are likely to stay healthy. So how do you pick a suitable mattress?

The single most important thing to consider is personal comfort. Budget is a close second. If you’re thinking of getting a new mattress, here are some factors for you to think about before taking out your wallet:

Bigger is not always better. Thickness is used often as a “come on” for consumers to link size with comfort. Your body will tell you if the mattress is comfortable. Remember that a mattress which looks comfy might not feel comfy once you lay down on it for some time. Thickness does count for consideration, though, because it’s often the indication of a mattress’s value. You should always consider thickness in relation to the density and weight of the mattress.

Consider your spine alignment. Chiropractors advise sleeping on a mattress which has been designed to conform and fit to the natural curvature of your spine. This distributes pressure across your body evenly. This can be tricky, however, because people’s pressure points are not all exactly alike. The best mattress for low back pain may not be suitable for those who experience shoulder or neck pain. To solve this, bring a companion to the mattress store and let him or her observe if your spine remains in a fairly neutral state while you’re on the mattress in your regular sleeping position. If your spine sags or curves exaggeratedly in several different directions, it’s the wrong mattress for you.

Watch out for allergens. Read the label on the mattress to ensure that the materials that went into the manufacture of the mattress do not contain allergens if you have allergic reactions to certain bacteria, dust mites, and mould. Hypoallergenic mattresses are always available but they are expensive, in which case your next best option is to vacuum the mattress daily.

Make sure there’s a return policy. Don’t get stuck with a mattress you can’t use. Ask for a 30-day, no questions asked return policy; if that’s not possible, go to a store which has that service. Incidentally, it isn’t the manufacturer which implements the return policy but the store.

Pick the right size: If you perform some mild acrobatics during sleep, moving around during the night would require you to have a queen-sized mattress or, if you’re sharing it with a spouse/partner, even a king-sized mattress. Don’t get a mattress that tends to restrict your sleep position and movements and give you lower back pain from sleeping as a result.

Check for firmness:. There really is no conclusive scientific evidence that says a firm mattress is the best mattress for your back. Studies have indicated that medium-firm mattresses do the best job in providing balance between comfort and support for lower back pain. Firm mattress can actually exert additional pressure on your back and result in more pain.

Go for the trusted brands. Some people may caution you from buying a mattress made by a well known manufacturer. While it is true that some branded mattresses are overpriced , it isn’t always the case and is more of an exception rather than the rule. Trusted brand name mattresses are made by companies with reputations to protect so it follows that their products are crafted based on the highest existing manufacturing standards. “Trusted” is the operative word here. Do your homework and research on brands which have established, professional, and quality reputations and choose your mattress from those.

2014’s best mattresses for back problems

 And speaking of trusted brand names, here are three of this year’s best choices which you might want to consider:

Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress


  • Capable of providing “cradling” comfort with its 2.5-inch top layer of memory foam created by open cell technology.

  • The 2.5-inch middle layer is an air channel type of foam designed for customized support and enhanced airflow.

  • Nine inch-bottom foam layer provides durability and stability.

  • Holds its shape without rotating or flipping required.

  • Distributes weight evenly for relief of pressure points that prevents turning and tossing during sleep.

  • Capable of adjusting to your body’s shape and contours.

  • Promotes the proper alignment of the spine at all times.

  • Designed to be extra thick for therapeutic support.

  • Compliant with 16 CFR Part 1633-U.S. federal government standards on flammability and open flame.


Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam

  • Designed to combine the benefits of therapeutic relief of pressure points for comfort and gel’s cooling properties.

  • Retains its shape without the requirements of rotating and flipping.

  • With two inches of top layer memory foam infused with cool gel substance to provide optimal temperature for sleep.

  • Two inch-middle air channel layer provides customized support for pressure points and enhanced airflow.

  • Eight inch-base support layer makes it both durable and stable.

  • Twenty-year (limited) warranty.

  • Meets 16 CFR Part 1633-U.S. federal government standards for flammability and open flame.

SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

  • Has a five pound, five-inch visco-elastic memory foam with a dual system for airflow.

  • Contours and responds to the body’s curves and temperature, respectively.

  • Queen-size measurement of 80” (length) by 60” (width).

  • Unique in-home guarantee for 90 days.

  • Body weight is distributed evenly to eliminate pressure points from cause stiffness and pain upon waking up.

  • Prevents turning and tossing during sleep.

  • Resistant to allergens and other micro-organisms which may trigger allergies and asthma.

  • Promotes both nutrient distribution and blood circulation in your body.

  • Twenty year warranty.

An Investment for Your Health

Buying a mattress may not be a life-altering decision in the bigger scheme of things, but it is important considering that your health is on the line. The domino effect of an inferior mattress starts with sleeping problems that can fast track your health’s deterioration. It’s really all about finding a mattress that has spinal alignment, pressure point relief, and wonderful support features.

A mattress that has all these can address and resolve issues of chronic back pain as well as pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Owning the best mattress for back problems could very well be the best investment you could ever make for your own health.

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