The Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain Reviews Guide For 2017

Our Guide to Finding the Best Bed Toppers for Back Pain After 2015

Do you wake up every morning with back pain? If you can’t afford to purchase a new mattress, investing in a high quality mattress topper can help alleviate the pain while adding more comfort and support to your bed.

Twin Size Snuggle-Pedic Patented DOUBLE LAYER Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Our favorite for 2017

Sleep Better 2-Inch Extra Firm Twin Mattress Topper

A great value option

Nature’s Sleep Cool IQ Queen Size 2.5 Inch Thick

Great for back pain

With so many mattress toppers on the market today, it’s not always easy to find the right model for your needs and budget. What is a good mattress topper? What factors should you consider?

  • Density: The density, or thickness, of the mattress topper is especially important if you suffer from back pain. The thicker the topper, the more comfort and support it will provide. Thicknesses can range from 1” all the way up to 4” or more.
  • Type of Foam: The material used to create the topper is important, too. What type of memory foam is used? Is it traditional viscoelastic, or gel-infused memory foam? Gel memory foam improves circulation, allowing you to stay cool at night. Whether or not you choose gel or traditional is a personal choice.
  • Size: Naturally, you want to choose a topper that will fit your mattress­­. Make sure that each of the models you’re considering offers multiple size options, and that those sizes are accurate. Some models wind up being smaller or larger than a typical mattress size.
  • Customer Satisfaction: What are other customers saying about the topper? Are they satisfied with their experience, or did the topper make their back pain even worse? Be cautious of models that have negative reviews, but also be cautious of models that have overly positive reviews. Not all reviews are genuine, so if they seem too good to be true, they just might be.

You know what to look for when comparing mattress toppers, but which models are the best?

The 5 Best Mattress Toppers in 2017

Not all mattress toppers are created equal. These five models are durable, affordable and built with the highest quality materials.

Linenspa 2” Ventilated Memory Foam Topper by Lucid – The Linenspa from Lucid is our top pick because it offers ventilation, a 2” density, multiple sizes and superior pressure relief to eliminate back pain.

LUCID’s memory foam formula offers luxurious comfort and uses open cell technology that allows the topper to maintain its shape for longer. Unlike other toppers, you won’t get lasting body impressions with this model.

And because it’s 1” shorter on all sides, this topper can easily fit under your existing sheets.

What we really love about this model is that it offers so many different sizes, including hard-to-find ones, like RV/Short Queen and Olympic Queen. California King, Twin XL and Full XL are also available in addition to the traditional mattress sizes. LUCID offers something for every bed size.

The ventilation keeps you cool at night, while the 2” thickness provides you with pressure point relief that minimizes or eliminates back pain altogether. A firm mattress with a memory foam topper like this will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Snuggle-Pedic Double Layer Mattress Topper – Snuggle-Pedic – the name says it all. This double layer mattress topper is 2” thick, but creates the feeling of a 3” topper. The conforming memory foam offers superior support for the spine, which is great news for back pain sufferers. It also keeps the shoulder and neck properly aligned to further eliminate pressure points and pain.

The first 4lb layer provides additional cushioning for the hips and shoulders, while the 5 pound density layer offers extra support for the spine.

Built with low VLC, this mattress topper won’t hinder indoor air quality or emit any unpleasant odors.

Snuggle-Pedic’s foam is made in the USA, and offers excellent temperature regulation to keep you cool all night long.

Cool IQ 2.5” Memory Foam Topper by Nature’s Sleep – Cool IQ is a high density, 3.5 pound mattress topper that’s 2” thick and comes with a convenient microfiber cover. With added support, this topper eases pain in the back, hips and shoulders. It’s naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, too.

Available in six sizes, including Twin XL and California King, Nature’s Sleep accommodates all customers. The microfiber cover is a nice addition as it keeps the topper in place, and the foam used to create this product is CertiPUR-US approved.

With a 2.5” thickness, you’ll enjoy more support and comfort. This particular model is especially effective for side sleepers, but back and stomach sleepers have also found relief with the Cool IQ.

Sleep Better 2” Mattress Topper – Built with 100% foam, Sleep Better’s 2” extra firm mattress topper is both comfortable and extremely affordable. Because it’s extra-firm, this model offers the added support that you need to alleviate back pain.

If you’re back pain is caused by a mattress that’s too soft, this topper can help fix the problem without forcing you to buy a brand new mattress. That extra added support can alleviate pressure points while supporting your spine and shoulders.

The Sleep Better model is simple – it doesn’t come with a cover or fancy design. But it gets the job done, and it does it well.

Milliard 2” Gel Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Cover – Looking for a mattress topper that not only provides you with support, but also keeps you cooler at night? The Milliard 2” gel memory foam topper may be the right choice for you.

With a 2” density, this topper still provides optimal support while keeping you cool. It also works to reduce pressure points to alleviate pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Arthritic patients are particularly pleased with this topper as it provides them with phenomenal relief.

Milliard’s toppers are built with open cell technology, which means that the foam is built with porous cells that trap air inside. When compressed, the cells distribute the air among nearby cells, which allows for improved airflow. Simply put, you stay cooler at night.

Affordably priced, this topper also comes with a bamboo cover for added protection and comfort.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Mattress Pad for Back Pain

How do we decide which models make it onto our list? There are several things that we take into consideration (and you should, too) when looking through mattress toppers.

  • get a good nights sleepSize: The topper needs to be the right size for your mattress. Some manufacturers offer additional sizes, like XL Twin or California King, which is great if you have an unusually-sized mattress. If you have a traditional-sized mattress (i.e. full or queen), make sure that the topper is true to size.
  • Density: The thickness of the topper is important, too. Make sure that it’s dense enough to offer you enough support. It’s that extra support that will alleviate pain while eliminating pressure points. Thin toppers are not the best option. Look for models that are at least 2” thick.
  • Price: Your budget will ultimately determine which topper you choose. Look for a model that you can afford, but will still deliver the quality you want. Remember – the cheapest option is rarely the best.
  • Memory foam type: Models that are gel-infused or built with open cell technology will offer superior airflow, which will keep you cooler at night. But traditional memory foam offers the same level of support, but may come at a more budget-friendly price.

When buying a mattress topper, especially for back pain, you need to keep these key factors in mind. Density is one of the most important things because a thicker topper will offer more support and pain relief. Don’t forget about airflow, too, as this may mean the difference between a comfortable sleep and waking up drenched in sweat.

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