The Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews Guide For 2015

Looking for the best rated memory foam mattress? Let our guide point you in the right direction

Memory foam (or MF for short) mattresses are becoming increasingly popular and has become the preferred alternative to spring mattresses primarily because they help contour as well as provide excellent support and comfort for the body.

Ask anyone what is the best mattress available on the market right now and we’re sure their answer is going to involve the words foam and memory. If you’ve been asking, how do I find this new mattress online, read on to find out what you need to know about choosing the right foam mattresses for your particular needs.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Mattress
Our favorite for 2017
Signature Sleep 12-Inch Mattress
A great value option
DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Mattress
An outstanding mattress from Dynasty

Quality Mattress Means Quality Sleep

You spend 30% of your life sleeping and resting, which is exactly why you should invest in a quality mattress. And it isn’t only you who require a top rate quality mattress for health since babies, young children, and the elderly need it as well.

You can have a good night’s sleep in luxurious comfort night after night. But to do that, you have to choose from among the best rated mattress brands in the market and compare mattresses to arrive at the right decision. Hopefully, the tips we’ve provided above will make shopping for mattresses so much easier!


To help you further in deciding which of the numerous  mattresses out there may be suitable for your needs, here are some of the best rated foam mattress available on the market today:

LUCID 10 Inch Gel  Mattress – This mattress features a gel foam which can aid in relieving pressure.  This foam prevents that stiffness or soreness to various parts of the body, particularly the back. This foam will easily conform to your body weight as well as your preferred sleeping position.

Its top gel foam layer should also prevent the foam from retaining much of your body heat, so you would never have to wake up sweaty again. This is due to the dual layer technology of this mattress, with a four-inch base foam layer supporting the one-inch soft, ventilated cooling layer.

This mattress measures 74 x 38 x 10 inches in length, width, and depth, which means it is big enough for use of adults and children alike.  It also includes a soft and removable cover. Not only is this mattress easy to set up; it also comes with a reusable duffle bag.

Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD  Mattress – This 13 inch thick mattress has a three inch, gel-infused foam comfort layer that adjusts to the shape and position of your body while sleeping. It can help in relieving pressure points and properly aligning the spine.  Beneath it is a one-inch, super soft layer that provides more comfort to the user, so you would wake up refreshed in the morning.

Underneath it is a two inch, ventilated airflow layer which lets the mattress to ‘breathe,’ so to speak. This also benefits you as you would remain cool and comfortable the entire time that you’re sleeping on this mattress.

Aside from keeping you cool and comfortable for most of the night, this mattress won’t cause allergies as it is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Mattress-King Size – This 12-inch gel foam mattress is made of three layers. The first layer is a three-inch gel foam that should provide you with enough pressure point relief, aside from providing comfort for a good night’s sleep. Underneath it is a two inch comfort foam that enables the mattress to breathe, so to speak. Then there’s the seven inch base foam for a truly enjoyable sleeping experience.

For one, it does not have the chemical smell that most mattresses made of foam are notorious for. Second its firm yet comfortable enough to enable you sleep better at night. With this mattress, you should be turning and tossing in fewer occasions.  And because the mattress is able to ‘breathe’ partly due to the comfort foam, this mattress should keep you cool for most of the night.

Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp – From Sleep Innovations comes the 12-inch SureTemp, queen size  mattress that measures 80” (length) by 60” (width) by 12” (height) with luxurious mattress cover made of poly-cotton blend and vacuum packed for compact and convenient shipping.
This model has the following features:

  • Has superior pressure point relief for added support.

  • Eliminates transfer of motion.

  • Conforms to the body’s contour for proper alignment of the spine.

  • Comfort is provided with layers of 2.5 inch-SureTemp at 3 pound-density.

  • With premium base layer of 9.5-inch foam for maximum therapeutic support.

  • Has two, 12-inch layers of premium mattress with the SureTemp open cell foam.

  • Comes with a 20-year (limited) warranty.

Signature Sleep 12-inch Mattress – The 12-inch Mattress from Signature Sleep is queen-sized and has the following features:

  • Has four pounds of foam with 9 ILD for firmness.

  • Compliant with the federal government’s flammability standard of 14 CFR 1633.

  • Provides pressure point relief for hips and shoulders.

  • Memory blending for expansion to proper shape and size is at 48 hours.

  • Mattress is also available in thickness of six and eight inches.

  • Supports body weight in an even way.

  • Conveniently compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed for shipping.

  • Eliminates disturbance from motion.

  • With foam core designed for durability.

Buyers Guide – What You Need to Know Before Buying the top rated memory foam mattress

First of all, you have to remember that there are three kinds of memory foam which represent visco-elastic features but differ in their components and methods of manufacture:

  • Traditional : This is a visco-elastic and temperature-sensitive mattress manufactured in the original method using petroleum-based chemicals and polyurethane. While this type provides motion isolation and pain relief, traditional foam mattresses have issues of trapped heat and off-gassing.

  • Plant-based: This type of foam type its mostly chemical ingredients replaced by those which are plant-based to reduce content of chemicals. Plant-based foams have large cellular structures with more stable levels of temperature sensitivity.

  • Gel: A recent creation, this is traditional foam infused with gel in particle or bead form. Amidst claims of being cooler than other  mattress types,  mattress reviews have indicated that durability may be an issue with this gel variety over time, albeit it actually creates an initial cool sensation in some of the models.

What to Look For when Buying an MF Mattress

Now that you know the types of materials used in  mattresses, it’s time you become aware of what to look for when buying your next mattress:

best memory foam matresses

1. Foam density: The density of foam has very little relevance to a mattress’s feel because it more related to the foam’s durability. By a 10 year average, a five pound per cubic foot of a mattress made of memory foam can easily outlast a three pound per cubic foot of a similiar foam mattress. High-end foam mattresses have between five and seven pounds of density foam. Some mattresses that are sold claim of five pounds of foam but do not specify that the foam is only an inch of the mattress while the other layers have only two to three density of foam.

2. mmHg: This is the measurement unit used to determine the reaction of a mattress against the pressure applied against it. A low level of mmHg means there is better circulation of the blood, albeit difficult to obtain. When blood circulation is at the 30 mmHg level or more, it becomes an issue. As a standard, 32 mmHg, or lower than this, may be considered as pressure relieving. Simply put, more pressure relief translates to less points of pressure and results in less turning and tossing for the sleeper.

3. Foam Indentation Load Deflection or Foam ILD: The ILD of a mattress may range between six and 40 while a typical MF mattress will have from ten to 16 ILD. One of the sleep innovations done on foam mattresses include the inclusion of multiple layers with varying levels of mmHg; this process has enabled the layers to enhance comfort when they work together.

4. Manufacturer: Many manufacturers import the mattress components, have these assembled either in Canada or the U.S., and then label them “made in the U.S.” or “made in Canada.” While undoubtedly deceitful, this practice is common. These imported components are rarely tested for chemicals used in their composition; odors from chemicals are “masked” with green tea extracts or industrial perfumes prior to the exportation of these components. Visco-elastic foam, for instance, which is the regular type of foam used on mattresses, is synthetic material which traps body heat like polyester and nylon do, resulting in sleep discomfort. This and chemical odors that emit from the mattress components are common complaints from owners of MF mattresses.

Advantages of a MF Mattress

Why should you consider buying a foam mattress like Novaform? Take a look at the advantages they offer:

  • Affordable cost: we kid you not, at prices under $650, these mattresses are the best mattress for your money.

  • Pressure distribution: Mattresses made of MF relieve pressure better than other mattress types.

  • Non-transfer of motion: You don’t wake up your spouse or partner because the foam prevents “jiggling” movements.

  • Hypoallergenic: You get no dust mites inside your new mattress because of its solid block construction.

  • Suppleness: Body heat makes the mattresses more supple to provide cradling support for your body without compromising your hops, back, and joints.

  • No maintenance: The mattresses require little to no maintenance because you don’t have to rotate or flip them over.

  • Durability: When you compare mattresses, you’ll find out that while other warranties for mattresses require a body indention of 1½ inches, the foam type requires only ½ inch of body indention, making it the most durable mattress type around.

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