Reading pillows – Read in Comfort

Reading pillows – Read in Comfort

There’s nothing better after a long day of work than curling up in bed with a good book. But for many, it can be tough to get comfortable and lost in your reading with only a jumbled mess of pillows to prop you up. Just as you’ve finished stacking and rearranging pillows in a hopeless attempt to get comfortable, you start to sink backwards again as soon as you turn your first page. This makeshift backrest can lead to poor posture, neck strain, and perhaps escalate into more serious chiropractic concerns such as spinal curvature.

Many specialty home décor and furniture stores offer reading pillows that can help you to achieve relaxation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to focus more on your book, and less on figuring out the best way to comfortably rearrange your body? Reading pillows come in all different shapes and sizes and vary in cost depending on the functions you are looking for, so here is a guideline on what to look for if you are interested in buying one in the near future.

How to Find the Best Bed Reading Pillow

Shop Around for Styles

When you think of reading pillows, you may think of college dorm rooms. Truth be told, some basic reading pillows aren’t much different than the basic pillow sets being offered for college students. If you are just looking for something affordable to suit your needs without going overboard, then this wedge-style pillow may be right for you. These reading pillows offer the back and arm support that you need, can be leaned up against a wall or a headboard, and will do the job that they are intended for.

If by chance you are looking for something more substantial in terms of support, there are reading pillows with adjustable back and arm rests, added head rests, and all around better quality frames and builds. Some of these reading pillows can take on less of a pillow look and will instead remind you of the upper portion of a recliner chair or the top half of a car seat. Investing in a high quality reading pillow can really pay off in the long run as you will be more inclined to use it to get your money’s worth and it will ultimately last you longer than any of the low-cost versions.

Learn About Features

Choosing between the types of features you want included with your reading pillow will be the hardest part in deciding on which one you actually want to buy. Some reading pillows, like the wedge pillow discussed above, will do their job of supporting your back and nothing else. Others are decked out with all kinds of cool features that may make you regret that you didn’t  buy a specially designed reading pillow sooner!

If you work from home or like to work on your laptop in bed, try looking for a reading pillow that has a power cord outlet, speakers, and perhaps a cup holder that can hold your favorite beverage. If you just want to use the reading pillow for reading, perhaps go for a reading pillow with a built in light, a pocket on the side to hold books and magazines, and a massage setting to work away any pains and stresses that may have accumulated throughout your day.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

How much you want to spend on a reading pillow really comes down to how often you read. For some, reading is part of their daily schedule that they fit in every night without fail; those people might be interested in investing in a higher quality product that offers a lot of features and comfort options that they would find useful. If you are an occasional reader or are just looking to try something out for the first time, there are many economical options available that may work just as well.

The best thing to do in order to get the right price and a high quality product for your money is to shop around. Look for some great deals from online vendors and head over to your local home and kitchen stores to see what options they have available. Some recommended reading pillow options include:

  • Brookstone – Brookstone offers a really fantastic mid-priced option named the Nap Massaging Bed Rest that is priced very reasonably and features a built in reading light, cup holders, pockets, AC adaptor, and a built-in massage function.

  • BedLounge Classic – For a higher end option, the BedLounge Classic is one of the best pillows out there, it’s backrest and headrest are completely adjustable allowing you to to set it up to suit your comfort needs perfectly. It is stuffed with down-filled cushioning, has side pockets, and comes in 12-different colors and 3-different sizes.

  • Brentwood – Finally, for an economically friendly option that does its job and gives you the back support you are looking for, Brentwood offers a line of reading pillows starting at under $20 with cotton coverings and foam fillings.

Any of these reading pillows are a significant improvement over those pillow stacks that you’ve been making for so long. Purchasing a reading pillow will significantly improve your comfort and help you to avoid unnecessary aches and pains from poor posture.

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