The Best Gel Pillow Reviews Guide for 2017

Our Guide to The Best Gel Pillows On the Market After 2015

The best cool pillow, typically gel, will allow you to stay cool at night. If you live in an area with a hot climate, you know that on hot summer nights, your head will begin to sweat, and your pillow will be damp – it’s not fun.

Dual Option Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Two Sides for Two Levels of Coolness. Gusset Siding for Increased Bed Pillow Airflow

Our favorite for 2017

Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow

A great value option

ViscoSoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow with COOLMAX® Cover

An amazing contour option

What does a cool pillow offer? Proper ventilation.

Choosing the right gel pillow requires you to compare each pillow to pick the right one for you. A few of the most important features to compare, include:

  • Material: Pillows that are cooling contain some type of gel (there are many), but they can also contain other materials, such as memory foam, to offer proper support for your head and spine. Maximum cooling comes from gel, but maximum support comes from memory foam.
  • Reversible: Many pillows on our list are reversible. What reversibility offers is options. You’ll be able to turn the pillow over when cooling is needed, and flip it over during the winter and fall for more support and overall insulation. There are also pillows (we list one) that has a gel and memory foam combined layer that works wonders for support and cooling.
  • Extras: There are some extras, namely the pillowcase, that can provide added cooling. With the right pillow case, you’ll stay cooler than you would using your traditional pillowcase. You’ll also want a pillowcase that can be washed in the washing machine; hand washing pillowcases is a hassle.

We have selected a variety of different pillows, based off of experience, that are ideal for cooling.


Dual Option Cool-Gel Memory Foam – The ideal choice for cooling with advanced air flow. The Dual Option has two sides for two different levels of cooling. If you are using the pillow and you find that your head is still sweating, flip the pillow over to see if you like it better.

Cradling your head for maximum support, your neck will be supported and your head aligned and cool. Hypoallergenic, this pillow is the ideal choice for anyone suffering with allergies, and ventilation holes ensure a cool night’s sleep. These pillows also span 24 x 16 inches.

Gel adds to the cooling effects, while memory foam adds to the comfort needed for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Sleep Innovations offers a reversible pillow that is much like the Dual Option on our list, but I prefer the Dual Option personally.

If you want to stay cool at night, flip your pillow over to the gel side. Looking for maximum support and comfort? Flip the pillow to the memory foam side for optimal support.

Featuring a classic pillow cover, you can remove the cover and place it in the washing machine – it won’t rip or shrink.

This pillow features the same dimensions as the Dual Option, and is a budget to mid-range item, depending on the size of the pillow you choose. This is a fantastic, budget-friendly pillow.

ViscoSoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow with COOLMAX® Cover – A more expensive pillow that is the perfect choice for anyone willing to spend a little more for an exceptional night of sleep. WaveFlow gel improves circulation while offering a cooling effect while you sleep.

Memory foam is also present to allow for support and adjustment to the contour of your head.

This is the best cool pillow for the price, and the COOLMAX cover is definitely noticeable from the moment that you lay your head on the pillow. Keep in mind that this pillow is not reversible (like our first two choices), so you do have less overall options with this pillow. But you don’t really need options when it provides cooling gel and memory foam all in one layer.

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow – If you have neck pain, the softest pillow won’t be the ideal choice for you. Don’t get me wrong, this pillow offers memory foam and gel for cooling, but it provides the right support needed to alleviate neck and back pains that are caused by sleeping on unsupportive pillows. You know, the pillows that sink right in, and are so comfortable at first?

Hypoallergenic, this pillow is created with breathable memory foam to promote cooling, or you can reverse the pillow to the gel side if you wish.

During those hot summer nights, being able to reverse the pillow will keep your head from sweating. And the pillow is covered with a 60% polyester / 40% cotton material that zips and unzips for easy washing.

SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam – Another pillow from ViscoSoft, this pillow is a great buy because it offers molded memory foam and gel cooling. You’ll also have a down alternative (very comfortable), and a COOLMAX cover to further promote airflow.

The only issue is that this pillow is that is a medium to high range item.

PliTech memory foam is used to offer medium to firm support. The down alternative provides insulation. There is also an anti-dust mite cover included, which you can easily wash in your washing machine.

The down alternative keeps you warm, and the gel keeps you cool – you can alternate between the two. If you want the best cool pillow that offers a warm alternative, this is the right pillow for you.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Cool Gel Pillow for You

The best cool pillow requires you to answer a lot of questions. Some of the most important factors that go into the right pillow, include:

  • sleep wellSize: The size of the pillow needs to be right for your bed’s size. You’ll find sizes for queen, king, twin and full-size beds. If you choose the wrong pillow size, you’ll find a large gap between each pillow on the bed. The right sized pillow removes this gap and allows you to roll over without your head falling off the pillow.
  • Price: Your budget matters with every purchase. You’re likely to spend between a budget and high-end price for a gel pillow, and these figures are the lows and highs. There are great pillows in the mid-range that are comfortable and cooling.
  • Reversible: We discussed this earlier, but it needs to be mentioned again. Reversible pillows are ideal if you have extreme heat in the summer and cool winters. Being able to reverse the pillow allows you to essentially choose between cooling or warmth as well as support.
  • Softness: The softer the pillow, the less support. Memory foam is the desired material for support because it conforms to your head, but there are different firmness levels offered with even memory foam. If you have neck or back pains, aim for a firmer pillow that offers optimum support and pain relief.

With a gel cooling pillow, you will be able to stay cool at night and achieve maximum support thanks to memory foam. A plethora of choices have been presented to you, and now it’s your turn to decide on the right pillow for you.

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