What’s the Best Affordable Memory Foam Mattress You Can Buy In 2017?

Let Our Guide Help You Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress at a Reasonable Price

At one time, memory foam mattresses were a luxury and cost thousands of dollars. While you’ll find these high-priced models today, there are affordable memory foam mattresses that offer the comfort and support you crave without breaking the bank.

Signature Sleep Memoir 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Our favorite for 2017

Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress

A great value option

Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Amazing comfort from body-conforming memory foam

But comparing mattresses and finding the right one can be a chore. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your mattress:

  • Type of Memory Foam: Consider the type of memory foam that’s used to make the mattress. Is it gel-infused? High density? Plain old foam? Affordability is important, but if you have trouble staying cool at night, a gel-infused model won’t add much to the price tag. Consider the type of foam that is most appropriate for your needs.
  • Mattress Layers: How many layers does the mattress have? The more layers, the more supportive and comfortable the mattress will be. Ideally, it should have at least two layers for optimal comfort and support.
  • Ratings: Never underestimate the importance of user ratings. Reviews serve as your guide to help you find the right model for your needs. One mattress look great in photos and sound great in the product description, but once you unbox it and set it up, it’s a complete disappointment. Users will complain about models like these, so you can easily avoid them.

We know how much of a chore it can be to find a good quality mattress – especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five top-selling mattresses to help you find the right one for your needs.

The Best Affordable Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Sleep Master Ultima – The Sleep Master Ultima is the most affordable mattress on our list (if you buy the twin size). This 6-inch mattress is made of high quality memory foam for a comfortable, supportive and restful night of sleep.

The Ultima features two layers: a 1.5” memory foam layer and a 4.5” high-density foam base. The two layers work together to provide cradling comfort and support while keeping you cool at night.

All of the foam used to make this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for maximum performance and durability. Known as BioFoam, the foam in this mattress uses natural plant oil in place of some of the petroleum typically used to make memory foam. The plant oil keeps the mattress fresh.

Signature Sleep Memoir 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress  – The Signature Sleep Memoir is a fantastic budget level item. This 8” mattress is slightly thicker than our first pick, and features two layers: one 2” memory foam layer and one 6” high-density foam support base layer.

The foam used to make this mattress is free of toxic chemicals, like ozone depleters, heavy metals, and flame retardants. It’s also low in VOC emissions, so it won’t adversely affect your indoor air quality.

All foam is CertiPUR-US certified and meets the 16 CFR 1633 safety standard.

The great thing about the Memoir is that it’s shipped rolled and compacted, so you can easily bring the box into your home. The only drawback is that it takes several hours (usually more than a day) for the mattress to fully expand.

Classic Brands Cool Gel 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – The 8” cool gel memory foam mattress from Classic Brands is a bit higher priced than our other two picks, but is still incredibly affordable overall.

This 8” mattress features two layers: 2” of gel-infused memory foam and a 6” base. The gel helps improve airflow and actually draws heat away from the body to keep you cool all throughout the night.

All foam is CertiPUR-US certified, and the mattress comes compressed for easy shipping and set up. Just unpack, unroll and let the mattress expand back to its original size.

If you want a cheap mattress but have trouble staying cool at night, this Classic Brands model is an excellent choice.

Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – With a 6” profile, the Best Price memory foam mattress isn’t too high and offers just the right amount of support. The body-conforming memory foam alleviates pressure points providing support and comfort.

Best Price’s mattress features three layers: 1” memory foam, 2” super soft foam and 3” high density foam base. The high-density foam layer keeps you cool, while the top memory foam layer provides cradling comfort.

A poly-jacquard fabric cover is included to help protect the mattress and extend its lifespan.

This is a budget level item, this model is one of the most affordable large mattresses on the market.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Our second pick from Best Price Mattress. This 8” model is a great item, and features three layers for maximum comfort and support. These layers include 2” of charcoal-infused memory foam, 2” of airflow cool foam and 4” of high-density foam at the base.

The purified charcoal in the top layer is purified and absorbs moisture, which can lead to odors. This mattress is also infused with green tea and castor oil to naturally prohibit the growth of bacteria.

A durable cover is included that’s made with real bamboo fibers, and all foam is CertiPUR-US for maximum durability and performance.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Top Memory Foam Mattress in Your Price Bracket

Buying a memory foam mattress is no different than buying any other mattress: quality, price and performance are the most important things. But there are other factors that play into the mix to make a mattress a good or bad choice for you.

Man on Memory Foam Mattress

Consider these factors when choosing your memory foam mattress:

  • Foam Quality: Is the foam of good quality? CertiPUR-US certified foam meets stringent quality, durability and performance standards, so look for models that have this certification. Also, make sure that the foam is, in fact, memory foam. If the product description just reads “foam,” it may not necessarily be memory
  • Mattress Height: Most mattresses in the budget-friendly price range are slimmer, with 6” – 8” profiles. But the height should still be considered. If you have difficulty getting in and out of tall beds, consider a model with a lower profile. A 6” mattress is ideal in this case, and still provides ample support.
  • Cover: It may seem trivial, but a mattress that comes with a cover is usually the better option. Covers add to the life of the mattress by protecting the surface from damage, dirt and dust. Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites, but a cover will still keep the mattress fresh for years to come. If the model you’re considering doesn’t come with a cover, consider buying one separately.
  • Price: You’re on a tight budget, so price will be a natural factor in your decision. But don’t let it be the only Remember, you spend a great deal of your life sleeping, so make sure that you have a comfortable, supportive mattress.

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