5 Different Types of People and Their Ideal Mattresses

Buying a mattress is not an easy job. However, it gets quite simple once you identify what kind of person you are, at least with regards to your sleeping needs. We have identified five major types of persons and the mattresses that would best suit individuals in each category as highlighted next.

1) Teenagers

A ideal bed mattresses

The right mattress to buy for teens depends on their comfort preferences, sleeping styles, and your budget. If the teen is moving into their own room, you can also consider upgrading the mattress to full-size option just in case they have been sleeping on twin size alternatives.

Before ordering a mattress, you should consult the teenager and find out the level of comfort they desire. This step will influence your decision on whether to go for coil, memory foam, or a hybrid mattress. You also need to find out whether the teenager sleeps on their back, stomach, or side. According to US-mattresses.com, softer mattresses can guarantee a great night for side sleepers while mid-range comfort mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers. On the other hand, back sleepers can have a healthy and comfortable night on any type of mattress.

2) The Elderly

The top consideration when purchasing a mattress for a senior is their mobility. As people age, it becomes a big bother to climb up and down mattresses.

Usually, this problem comes about because age comes with the loss of youthful energy. It is also common to find elderly people with diseases that affect their capacity to make such huge movements.

Depending on the person’s ability to move, you can consider getting a very low mattress. Be careful, however, not to go for one that is too low or the level of comfort will also be affected adversely.

Again, every person has their own preference when it comes to level of comfort. This aspect is, unfortunately, tied to the profile of the mattress. Those with higher profiles are generally more comfortable than substitutes. It is up to you to find that sweet middle spot between comfort and convenience when choosing.

3) The Obese

Resting comfortably becomes harder with an increase in body weight, but getting good quality sleep is far from impossible for obese people.

The first thing you need to consider is the profile of the mattress and its support capacity. While you do this, also look out for the quality of the mattress. Lower quality mattresses will sag under excessive body weight, and you don’t want to keep shopping for a new one every now and then.

Still on comfort, you should look for a mattress with appropriate air flow. Overweight people often experience hot nights and even sweat a lot. To enjoy cooler nights, you should consider buying mattresses made of materials that can breathe.

This involves going for materials with more airspaces. In addition, the heat conductivity and retention ability of a mattress affect the level of heat experienced at night. Sleeposis ranks traditional coils as the best cooling mattresses.

4) The Athletic

After spending a whole day training, the last thing an athlete needs is poor quality sleep. The best mattress for athletes is one that offers the best support to the muscles for enhanced blood circulation. This will help the athlete recover faster since oxygen is transported throughout the body expeditiously and efficiently.

According to Mattress Clarity, support is all about the material used to make the bed, and the reduction of pressure points.

Premium mattresses for athletes can even be manually adjusted to have softer spots to accommodate body points that are sore. For example, if your back is strained, you can soften the part of the bed that it falls or rests on. Others simply come with the pressure points that are reduced in areas such as the shoulders and hips.

When you sleep, your metabolism is still high from the day’s activities. You could also benefit from using a cooling mattress to reduce the amount of heat at night.

5) Tall People

Sample of ideal mattresses

Tall people don’t just struggle to find clothes that fit; beds and mattresses are also not always made with their sizes in mind. Shockingly, many tall people end up sleeping in the foetal position, or with legs hanging out of mattresses. Both of these are unhealthy and can lead to back pain, according to 100% Chiropractic.

Instead of experiencing such poor rest, you should look for XL mattresses. In case you intend to save some space in your bedroom, you can even shop for a twin XL type.

Standard mattresses are 75 inches long. XL mattresses accommodate our taller counterparts by increasing the length to 80 inches.

Further Tips

For further tips on how to go about selecting a mattress, you can watch this YouTube video. All the materials used to make the mattresses are covered in great detail, along with tips on the type you should select, depending on your preferred sleeping position.


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