A Beginners Guide to Mattress Sizes

You’re in the market for a new mattress because your old one just isn’t cutting it. However, knowing the right size for your mattress can be a bit of a chore, especially when you aren’t sure which size would be the best.

Below is a little more information about the different mattress sizes and which would be the best fit for you and your home. In the meantime, here is an interesting video about finding the right mattress size and how to measure them.


Twin mattresses are typically used for children or one single adult sleeper. Of course, twin mattresses, according to Back to Bed, are not made for tall adults because they are skinniest and shortest mattress sizes on the market.

They are often too short for adults with longer legs, so children are typically the ones who enjoy sleeping on a twin sized mattress. If you have a smaller room that needs a guest bed, a twin or twin XL mattress is a great fit for these small spaces.

Twin mattresses also fit daybeds and bunk beds, making them great for children both young and old. These save a great deal of space as well, which is great for small rooms in your household that only have enough space for this small bed. Bunk beds are another great option.

Twin XL

A view of Latex Mattress Topper

Long legs are not a great mix with a twin mattress, but sometimes space just doesn’t allow a wider bed. There’s a better option though. Made to fit taller adults, twin XL mattresses are a total of six inches longer than a typical twin mattress.

These are often found in college dorm rooms since they are compact enough to fit in small spaces, but long enough to sleep even the tallest adults. However, these are still only the best for one sleeper at a time.

Sleep Train has all of the measurements for these extra long mattresses. These mattresses are also great for guest rooms where single sleepers can enjoy the bed without their feet hanging precariously off the end or their head hanging over the top.


Full mattresses, otherwise known as a double mattress, are a great fit for medium size bedrooms and studio apartments where one adult sleeps alone. These mattresses are wider than a twin and twin XL, meaning you have more space to wiggle around or roll over.

When taking a look at Mattress.com, it is easy to see how full, or double, beds are a great choice for adults living alone. There are even a few benefits of this mattress size such as being a great fit for teenagers and added a room to stretch out comfortably. You might even find some of these in larger dorm rooms.

Though you can sleep two in this bed, they aren’t quite wide enough. In fact, both of you would be getting about have a twin mattress to sleep on, which doesn’t sound very comfy to me. Full mattresses are also considered the most standard mattress size on the market.


Queen mattresses are a great fit for larger bedrooms, and these mattresses are big enough to sleep two adults comfortably. Queen sized mattresses are the most common size bought because they are large enough to fit more than one adult sleeper should it be required.

They have so many different mattress types from which you can choose. Bed Bath & Beyond has all the information you need to know about before purchasing your Queen mattress. These mattresses also fit well in larger guest rooms or master bedrooms.

It can help you save room because it isn’t as large as the King, but it is also comfortable enough to allow you spread out at night. Sheets and duvets are often more expensive for this mattress size because it is larger and takes more material to cover, but no worries because you will be comfy no matter what.


A simple size bed mattress

The last mattress size is a King size. These mattresses are the largest of all the sizes, and they are almost a luxury. Those who purchase a king-sized mattress must have the adequate room to house ones like large master bedrooms or guest rooms, though bedrooms are more common.

Since they are wider and longer than a Queen size mattress, they take up much more room. These are great for double sleepers who enjoy having plenty of room to stretch out and sleep comfortably. Like the Queen, sheets and duvets are more expensive for this size.

Some people enjoy having these large beds as well because they are ideal for having children or pets sleep in the bed at the same time. Sears offers a great behind the scenes look at different ways you can utilize a King-sized mattress in your home. It’s easy to relax in these large beds.

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