5 Decorating Tips For Your Kids Bedrooms

A kids bedroomYour home’s décor is always a work in progress. Perhaps the room that that experiences this gradual evolution the most is your children’s room. After the initial style that you choose for a baby’s nursery, the room has to transition as the child gets older.

While this may seem like a daunting task, there are ways that you can decorate your kid’s rooms that can be subtly changed throughout the years. Here are a few useful decorating hacks worth considering:

Colors To Grow On

Most new parents are stuck on the pink or blue schemes for nurseries. This is fine as long as you have a baby. As your children get older, they may want different colors.

You may consider painting nursery walls a neutral color, and using traditional colors for accessories. Soft colors of sage, cream, or yellow can be used for either gender. You may keep these colors a little longer for redecorating.

Kids usually have strong opinions when it comes to things they like. Enlist your children’s help when choosing new colors for their room. A helpful designing hack is to pick a picture or accessory that your child loves, and use it for color inspiration.

Younger kids often gravitate to bright primary colors. If you do not want to paint the whole room in one of these colors, you can always paint one accent wall. Older kids and teenager may choose wilder combinations.

Even if you are not thrilled with their choice, just remember that the room can always be repainted later. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to colors for a kid’s room, shares housebeautiful.com.

Creating A Theme

You children may have adored teddy bears as a toddler; however, they may think otherwise when they get older. If you have picked neutral colors for the walls and ceilings, it is easy to change themes as your child wants. Creating a theme for kid’s bedrooms is similar to building a wardrobe. Keep a few timeless pieces and add trendy accents as needed. Just by changing colors and styles of bed clothes and curtains, your child can have a new room.

Lighting The Way

A child’s bedroom should be bright, comfortable, and welcoming. When you use the same lighting schemes in their room as you do the rest of your house, you can make interesting changes. Overhead and track lighting gives a warm ambiance. You can also use pendant lighting to highlight a picture or an architectural detail in the room. They can read, work on their computer, or do their homework with lamps as task lighting. Using layered lighting keeps the room beautiful, says HGTV.com.

Storing In Style

Cubby spaces built at eye-level are perfect for keeping toys and other belongings in children’s rooms. You might also consider using coordinating shelves to display and store things. They are an easy DIY project. A fish net that is hanging in a corner can hold stuffed toys.

Having Fun

A well decorated kids bedroomUnlike the other rooms in your house, your décor can be a little more mixed up for fun. Kids need to have spaces in their room where they can work or play. Create a cozy corner somewhere in the room and designate it as free space. You can lay a colorful rug in the corner. Later, the area can be used as a homework nook.

It is always interesting to get a child’s perspective on decorating. You may be pleasantly surprised at the themes they suggest. You want them to have a space that will be comfortable and enduring in their childhood memories. When your child gets tired of a particular design, you can always change it. Have fun together decorating their rooms!

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