7 Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

You might not be satisfied with your current bedroom decor, and you would like to transform your space without necessarily splashing out money.

To get started, listed below are seven fantastic ways to decorate your room on a budget.

1. Glamorize your bed using white string lights

A series of contemporary white lights looks gorgeous when hung on the wall above your bed or draped over your bed frame. White string lights are readily available and reasonably affordable. White string lights can also be used in place of either a bedside lamp or a chandelier. Use your creativity to decide how and where to hang the lights.

2. Display your accessories as bedroom art

Back Sleeper WomenDisplaying your cool accessories as bedroom art is a smart way to decorate when you are on a budget. For instance, hanging your necklaces from driftwood offers quite a unique decorative display on your bedroom walls.

Perhaps you own a colorful or funky pair of heels that apart from hurting your feet too much are quite beautiful. You could put them to some use and add personality to your bookshelf. The effect a pair of funky high heels displayed on a shelf has is rather amazing.

3. Do-it-yourself brick bookends

There are many great and easy to create do-it-yourself bookends. You only need two blocks, strings of lace in different variations, and a can of gold spray paint. Colored ribbons can be used to decorate your bricks in place of strings of lace. You can also paint two big rocks and set them up as your bookends.

4. Apply stress-reducing colors

When decorating your bedroom, you will need to choose theme colors to use on the walls, furniture, art, and bedding. Certain colors reduce stress levels and enhance moods. The best stress relieving colors for your bedroom include mint green, pale blue, dusty rose, light grey, taupe, and lavender. It is not a complete bedroom decoration without decorating your bed, and a duvet cover set offers a perfect solution because it is inexpensive. Choose a neutral color so that your duvet complements virtually anything.

5. Painted frames

Painted decorative frames can add color, which you could apply to decorate the shelving and walls of your bedroom. When on a budget, use the relatively inexpensive spray paints to paint your frames in whatever theme color you settle on. What you put in the frames will depend on your personality. You might decide to simply put mirrors inside the painted frame or nothing at all, and then hang the frames on your neutral wall.

6. Use wooden crates to create funky wall shelves

two sooting cushionsYou may not know that you could always use wooden boxes as shelves as opposed to buying generic shelves. You will need wooden or wine crates, paint, and a gift wrap to use as lining. You can use these boxes to display decorative vases, seashells, favorite mugs, framed photos, or even a collection of books. As much as pale wood looks great as is, you could always personalize your crates using paint. Decide whether to paint the interior or the entire crate. This particular decoration technique offers plenty of room for creativity.

7. Painted wooden letters

You could express your personality by decorating your shelves with painted wooden shelves. To decorate a bookshelf, a wine crate shelf, or the top of a dresser, purchase paint in your choice of colors and plain white wooden letters. Choose a word that holds some meaning to you, and spell it out in whatever decorative style you choose.

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