7 Surprising Things You Need To Know If You’re Buying A New Bed Frame

Humans spend 33 percent of their lives sleeping, making bed frames an incredibly important piece of furniture to have in a house. Furthermore, this makes buying the best mattress to suit your body so vital.

However, purchasing the right bed frame is key to a better nights sleep. Besides finding the right frame to suit your mattress, you have to weigh in on different styles that meet your needs.
In this article, we will be going over the top seven most surprising things you have to know before buying yourself a new bed frame.

1. How Much Can You Spend?

A beautiful bed frame.

Before you even think about choosing a bed frame, you have to first determine your budget. Since bed frame can have a large cost range depending on a multitude of factors, buying the cheapest one may seem smart, but may not be the right choice for you.

After all, cheaper bed frames usually mean that is made of cheaper materials that will last much less than a more expensive frame. Therefore, choose how much you are willing to spend and then go forth with picking what type of materials you would like your bed frame to be made out of.
Not only is this an easier way to build your bed, but more cost efficient, especially if you are on a thin budget.

2. Measure Your Mattress.

If have a mattress already, that’s great! This makes choosing your bed frame so much easier since you can take more accurate measurements to make sure it fits.

However, if you do not have a mattress yet, check what type of mattress you are buying before you go out and pick out a bed frame for yourself. Especially, since mattresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, measuring first will ensure a better fit.

3. Measure the Size of Your Room.

Since a bed is one of the largest pieces in your room, a large bed might not fit in a smaller-sized room. To determine whether your bed will fit in your room, put your mattress on your floor to get a better sense of the total size it offers.

If you end up feeling cramped, try opting in for a bed frame that has an opening under it to allow for more storage options. You can even choose a bed frame that has a headboard with built-in shelves for more storage in your room.

For a step by step on how to measure your room, check out this YouTube video!

4. Figure out the Bulk and Height of Your Bed.

Beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some simpler than others, where others may have a more elaborate style. A taller bed frame can make your room feel a little cramped, especially if your room is on the smaller size.
Before you make the mistake of having a bed that overpowers your room, measure out the bed frame and determine how much room you will have left over. Additionally, if you plan to regularly change the position of your bed, a heavier bed frame may not suit you.

When shopping, always keep height and weight in mind since they may pose hurdles down the road.

5. Do You Prefer a Platform Bed Or a Box Spring Bed?

The two main types of beds are platform and box spring. Platform beds offer a simpler sleeping solution since they only require a mattress. However, box springs, on the other hand, are often heavier and take up more room.
Although they do offer more firmness, the question you have to ask yourself is, which kind of foundation do you want?

6. What Kind Of Material Do You Want?

A wonderful bed frame with red bed sheet.

There are three main types of materials used to make bed frames: metal, laminates, and wood. Wooden bed frames tend to be the most expensive whereas metal and laminate ones are more affordable. There are, of course, more ornate metal bed frames which will cost you more money.

Bed frames made of laminate or veneer are very popular nowadays. They are generally affordable but are designed to look more expensive. Wooden bed frames have been used for hundreds of years and can provide a warmer feel for your bedroom.

7. What Is Your Style of Decor?

Your bed is the focus of your bedroom, so you better make sure you choose one in a style that you like. The material of the bed frame has a large impact on its overall look.

If you want your bedroom to be comfy and warm, consider getting a wooden bed frame. If you prefer a modern or sleek look, opt in for a metal frame.

Once you have settled on a design aesthetic for your bedroom, start looking for beds that match. For every type of decor style, there will be a number of choices available. This is where the overall design of the bed comes in.
There is no one bed frame that is best for everyone, but when you see yours, you will know.

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