The Best Chiropractic Pillow for Side Sleepers Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide To Choosing The Best Pillow For Neck Pain If You’re A Side Sleeper

Don’t let neck pain prevent you from having a sleepless night. Neck pain may cause a lot of discomfort while you are awake, but it should not keep you up all night as long as you have the right type of pillow. The good news is that you can use certain types of pillow if you have neck pain, and you like to sleep on your side.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

Midwest Pillow Company Support Pillow

A great value option

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

A fantastic option

You can use a memory foam pillow that is an excellent choice for side sleepers due to its contour shape. A memory foam pillow gives the needed support for your neck while you sleep on your side. Moreover, a memory foam pillow won’t lose shape and would stay that way for many years.

The contour shape of a memory foam pillow is arguably its best feature that makes it an excellent fit for people who have neck pain and prefer to sleep on their sides. The contour shape of a memory foam pillow can readily support your head and neck while you sleep. Additionally, a memory foam pillow can adjust according to your body temperature and weight. Hence you should feel more comfortable when you are sleeping using a memory foam pillow.

You can also use a waterbase pillow if you want to sleep better at night. A waterbase pillow adjusts to the head movement to provide continuous cervical support while you are asleep. It continuously responds to changes in your sleeping position, so a waterbase pillow will give your head the support it needs whether you find yourself sleeping on your side or back.


Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow – This pillow lets you sleep on your back or side while still ensuring correct spinal alignment. The pillow features side sleeping therapy with its raised side sections designed to accommodate shoulder height. Its contoured head rests, meanwhile, keep your neck and head at the same level.

If you are also prone to snoring, this pillow can help address your woes. It is designed to prevent the head from being pushed forward while you are sleeping on your back. This design reduces snoring by keeping air passages open.  This sleeping pillow for neck pain is a mid-range option.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow – Double Contour – Chiropractor Approved – This memory foam pillow from Perform Pillow has a contoured shape that offers the right support to your head and neck.  It keeps your spine and neck at the same level, correcting spinal alignment and making your sleep at night more sound and comfortable. And because it is made of a high quality foam, this Perfect Pillow product will be able to retain its shape for many years.

This pillow for neck pain sufferers also has a bamboo cover that makes it low maintenance because of the cover’s natural deodorization and bacteria-resistant qualities.  The is a mid-range option.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Pillow – This pillow should relieve neck pillow by enabling the muscles around it to fully relax. It does the same to the shoulders and back. It also promotes proper spinal alignment thanks to its ergonomic shape. This lets the user to retain the shape for continued support throughout the night.

Memory foam pillows are  notorious for retaining heat, which can result in sleep disturbances. But this is not your traditional memory pillow as it has a unique, patented formula that improves airflow and facilitates a cooler sleep at night.

This pillow is a budget option.

Chiroflow Pillow – This waterbase pillow is capable of instantly adjusting to any sleeping position. You can adjust the firmness depending on the water you put on this pillow. With its water layer at the base, this pillow provides excellent support for the head and neck.

This pillow can respond to changes in your sleeping position. Should you change from sleeping on the side to sleeping on the back, this model will retain the level of support you’d want. It has a polyester fiber that is soft and hypoallergenic, offering outstanding comfort to your neck.

Midwest Pillow Company Cervical Orthopedic Support Pillow – This is pillow is recommended by chiropractors for people who have chronic neck pain. Its design can facilitate correct alignment of the spine, and in the process relieve neck pain. In some instances, it can even help in eliminating snoring.

It has two parts of differing sizes to provide different degrees of cervical correction. There are also soft and supportive sides that would help side sleepers, as it can aid in maintaining proper cervical position.  It is backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and fits into a standard size pillow case.

Buyers Guide –  How To Choose The Right Chiropractor Recommended Pillow For You

With the numerous choices you have, choosing just one pillow can get quite tough. Here are some of the things you have to look into when shopping for chiropractic options for side sleepers.

not enough neck support from your pillow?The pillow should support your neck and head in a natural position. This means that your head should not be too high above your chest, and it is relatively even with the shoulders. This normal, neutral posture creates the least amount of pressure on your spine and neck. The same goes for side sleepers. It is thus recommended that you buy from a retail store so you can test how a cervical pillow fits.

You should also choose a pillow that suits your body size. If you are a big guy, you must look for large yet soft pillows for neck pain.  If you’re small, you should get a small pillow.

Don’t buy a pillow that is too thin.  A pillow that is too thin is not recommended for side sleepers because it would force your neck to bottom out farther. This can put a lot of pressure on the nerves of your neck, worsening the neck pain you may have.

You must also choose a pillow that is priced within your budget. As you may have observed from the aforementioned reviews, good chiropractic pillows have prices ranging from budget to mid-range. Set a budget and buy a pillow that is within the said budget.  A good one should last long and more importantly, help relieve neck pain.

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