The Best Dynasty Mattress Reviews Guide For 2020

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What to Look for in a New Dynasty Memory Foam Mattress

You might already own a memory foam mattress that molds to your body’s shape even when your weight does a lot of shifting throughout the night. And like other owners of this mattress type, you may also complain of being extremely hot during the night and have your sleep disturbed because of the heat that this mattress emits. It’s time for you to look into a gel memory foam mattress. Knowing what to look for in a gel-foam mattress can help you make an informed purchase decision.

15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Cool HD GEL Mattress
Our favorite for 2016
Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Mattress
A great value option
13" Luxury Cool-Breeze GEL Cloud High Quality 5lb Mattress
Brilliant for aches and pains!

The Dynasty Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Mattress, the latest product from DynastyMattress, uses the latest in mattress technology: gel that contours to the shape of the body yet keeps it aligned. This has been designed to eliminate the tendency of heat retention that most memory foam mattresses have.

Especially beneficial for those with musculoskeletal, orthopedic or back pain issues, this mattress, unlike plain foam mattresses, will not aggravate pressure points in sensitive areas that make it difficult for people to remain asleep when they shift positions. Regarded as “medium firm” by mattress ratings, it comes in Twin XL, Queen, Twin, King, and California King sizes.

This gel-infused mattress is 12 inches in height with three inches of gel foam with Sleep Cool Technology at the top, seven inches of high density foam at its base, and two inches of Art Cool Airflow foam for comfort and support in its middle portion. Gel beads have been infused into its top layer to allow better airflow and prevent hot air from being trapped between foam layers.


Let’s take a look at other mattresses available on the market today which you may want to consider:

DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Mattress – The DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Mattress has an overall height of 12 inches made of three inches of GEL foam with Sleep Cool Technology at the top, five inches of High Density foam for the ultimate in support base, and two inches of dual Art Cool Airflow Foam in the middle. Its full zippered white cover has brown suede corners and fire barrier and is fully washable.

Infused with gel beads, this Queen-sized mattress measures 60 inches (weight) by 80 inches (length) by 12 inches (height). Rated as “medium firm,” this mattress combines improved airflow, pressure point relief, and overall comfort during sleep. Customer reviews have been generally positive regarding this mattress.

Most of them, in fact, have observed that they wake up the next day without any kind of ache or soreness from having slept in one position during the night. Moreover, the majority of those who bought this mattress found its firmness “just right” which reduced the intensity of their back pain.

DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Cool HD GEL Mattress – With its durable construction of six layers of various foam types, the Grand AtlantisBreeze mattress is all of 15.5 inches in overall height. It two inches of a four pound-High Density Cool Comfort GEL, a six-inch support base foam, two inches each of foam and Sleep Cool Technology Foam plus another two inches of Cool-Airflow foam support.

With a CertiPUR-US® certification, this mattress, rated as “medium firm,” has 1.5 inches of High Density Cool Extra Comfort GEL Quilted Euro Top for a plush surface to sleep on completed by a white cover with brown suede accent and fire barrier that is fully zippered. If you’re interested to see how this mattress fairs against more high end brands it might be worth you checking out our in depth DynastyMattress vs Tempurpedic comparison article.

Gel beads have been infused into its premium quality memory foam to provide you with the ultimate coolness solution in sleeping comfort while providing relief to your body’s pressure points and improved airflow to prevent any increase between its layers and enable you to enjoy a cooler sleep for longer. Guaranteed by a (limited) warranty of 20 years, the Grand AtlantisBreeze measures 76 inches by 80 inches by 15.5 inches.

DynastyMattress 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze GEL Mattress – For those who want a Queen-sized mattress bigger than the Dynasty Cool Breeze, the 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze GEL Mattress is the ideal choice for you. This has a durable construction of four layers that include a four-inch High Density, Sleep Cool Technology Foam, a two-inch Cool AirFlow foam, a seven-inch High Density Base Foam for stable support and an inch of Comfort Foam.

Covered in luxurious white material with brown suede corners and a fire barrier, this mattress comes fully zippered. Rated “medium firm,” it is infused with premium gel beads that keep you cool throughout your sleep, this mattress prevents heat buildup between its foam layers.

Moreover, this mattress helps to eliminate pressure points because of its quick response to body movements that occur when the sleep shifts from one position to another. Its class A-1 foam quickly molds into the body’s contour and weight while it adjusts itself to the sleeper’s body temperature. Wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed with the Grand Cool Breeze mattress every morning of every day.

Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Best DynastyMattress for You

All Dynasty Mattress products guarantee comfort, durability, and satisfaction for the buyer. You just have to decide which of their wide selection of mattresses will suit your particular needs. If you have musculoskeletal, orthopedic or back pain issues, as mentioned previously, you would need a mattress that conforms to your body’s weight and shape while you sleep.

choosing a dynasty mattressIf you are a bigger-sized individual with a partner who is roughly the same size you are, and you would want to be as comfortable as possible, then it would certainly be worth your while to look at the 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Cool HD GEL Mattress in King Size. If you have a medium build, on the other hand, but tend to shift positions while you sleep, the Grand Cool Breeze would be suitable for you.

The one thing common with all the Dynasty Mattress products, other than the levels of comfort, durability, and satisfaction that they provide, is the affordable price. Even the king-sized AtlantisBreeze, which would naturally have a higher price tag than the other mattresses because of its dimensions, is priced at a very reasonable price point compared to its close competitors.

The only thing that will vary with your choice of a particular mattress would be the size and its corresponding price point. That’s because all of their mattresses are manufactured with 20 year (limited) warranties, top grade gel beads infused in the premium foams, and sturdy support bases. While most mattresses lose their shapes after only several months of use, the products remain in tip-top condition.

The majority of customers who have purchased different sized mattresses have all observed that the condition of their bad backs has improved significantly. This is due to another common Dynasty feature: the High Density quality of top and middle foams used by the manufacturer ensures the customer of peaceful, uninterrupted, and relaxing sleep which eliminates any kind of motion disturbance.

Unlike other foam mattress, those made by Dynasty come with top quality gel beads infused into the foam layers which prevent heat from being trapped between them. Many customers have noted that they felt cooler sleeping on Dynasty Mattress gel mattresses than on Tempurpedic mattresses. Moreover, Dynasty products have zippered covers that are removable when they need to be washed.

What’s even more surprising is that with all of these features, Dynasty Mattress products have price points that are unparalleled anywhere. Depending on where you buy it from, the price range can vary considerably. Get the best deal when you buy a new mattress by Dynsaty and do a little shopping comparison.

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