What is the Best Mattress Brand for Your Budget?

A mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make for your health. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, but as Technologist points out, scientists still don’t know why we spend so much time asleep.

We know that our brains recharge and rewire while we’re in this deep state of rest, and if we’re up tossing and turning all night, we wake up feeling exhausted and cranky.

We may not have all of the answers on sleep, but we do know our mattresses affect the quality of our sleep – just ask AmeriSleep.

Whether you need a better quality mattress or you think it’s time to replace your old one (you should replace one after about 30,000 hours of use, Consumer Reports says), finding a new mattress can be a complicated task.


A women sleeping in a comfortable mattress

Not everyone has a few thousand dollars to spend on a mattress – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if you’re on a tighter budget, you can still find a quality mattress that will give you the support and comfort you need.

These brands offer excellent mattresses that won’t break the bank.

Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep offers quality, affordable mattresses that are eco-friendly and offer the right amount of support.

The nice thing about this brand is that they care about the environment, so they use eco-friendly, low-VOC materials to minimize environmental impact.

Signature Sleep offers four different types of mattresses:

  • Memory foam
  • Independently-encased coils (reversible)
  • Independently-encased coils with a pillow top
  • Standard, reversible coil mattress

All of the brand’s mattresses are shipped compressed and rolled, which makes shipping easier and cheaper. Simply remove it from the bag, and allow the mattress to expand to its full shape.

There are many benefits to choosing Signature Sleep mattresses, including:

  • Variety of mattress types
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Convenient shipping (compressed and rolled)
  • Quality materials


Zinus is another popular, budget-friendly mattress brand that offers memory foam and spring mattresses. The brand’s mattresses have some unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

All of their memory foam models are made with:

  • Natural green tea extract to keep the mattress fresh.
  • Biofoam, a natural plant oil that replaces some of the petroleum used in memory foam products.
  • ActivCharcoal to absorb odors and absorb moisture.

All of their spring mattresses include:

  • Pressure-relieving comfort foam.
  • Comfort fiber-quilted covers.
  • iCoil pocketed inner springs for support.

Zinus also ships their mattresses compressed and rolled for convenience, ease and cost-savings. The brand was one of the first to offer shipping in this way, and they have been in the business for more than two decades.

Zinus uses CertiPUR-US certified foam, which, as CertiPUR explains, is made without:

  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Flame retardants
  • Ozone depleters
  • Heavy metals, mercury or lead

All of the mattresses from this brand have low VOC emissions, which helps preserve indoor air quality.

There are many benefits to choosing Zinus mattresses, including:

  • The brand uses only quality foam that’s CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Both spring and memory foam mattresses are available.
  • Memory foam mattresses have green tea extract and ActiCharcoal to keep it fresh and bacteria-free.
  • The brand uses natural plant oil in place of some of the petroleum used to make memory foam.

Best Price

Best Price mattresses are similar to Zinus in many ways. They focus on creating eco-friendly mattresses that are easy on the wallet.

The brand offers three types of mattresses:

  • Memory foam
  • Inner spring
  • Gel foam

They also offer bed frames, mattress toppers, and other accessories.

Memory foam mattresses from Best Price feature:

  • CertiPUR-US certified foam, which meets stringent quality standards.
  • ActivCharcoal, which absorbs odors and moisture to keep the mattress fresh.

There are many benefits to choosing Best Price mattresses, including:

  • The brand uses eco-friendly, quality memory foam.
  • ActivCharcoal is added to the memory foam to absorb moisture and odors.
  • You can choose between traditional inner spring, memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses.


Dreamfoam is a family-owned company that has been making mattresses since 2010. They own their own factory, so they have complete control over the manufacturing process.

The brand offers both memory foam and latex mattresses, so customers have more options when choosing a mattress.

All mattresses from the brand are:

  • Mite resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty

There are many benefits to choosing a Dreamfoam mattress, including:

  • Latex and memory foam options.
  • High quality materials.
  • Better quality control.


A mid-range mattress is ideal for people who have a slightly larger budget. There are quite a few brands in this market, but the most reputable ones include:


Dynasty is one of the most popular mid-range memory foam brands on the market. Their mattresses come backed by a 30-year limited warranty, and they have a 120-day return policy.

All of the brand’s mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, so you can rest assured that your bed will be made with high quality materials that don’t give off harsh fumes.

Dynasty offers gel memory foam, classic memory foam, hybrid and classic spring mattresses. But they are best known for their memory foam models.

There are many benefits to choosing a Dynasty mattress, including:

  • Quality materials
  • Easy shipping
  • Extended warranty and lengthy (120-day) trial period
  • Multiple memory foam and spring mattress options


Brentwood has been in business for more than three decades, and they use a team of fabricators and artisans in Los Angeles to produce their mattresses. The brand focuses on using eco-friendly and locally-sourced ingredients.

The brand used to sell its mattresses to retailers as a wholesaler, but transitioned to selling to customers online in 2012.

Brentwood mattresses:

  • Use healthy materials, like New Zealand wool, Southeast Asia kapok, organic cotton from Texas, buckwheat from North Dakota, cashmere from Mongolia, Chinese silk, natural latex from Vietnam and coils from California.
  • Are handcrafted, from the quilted tops to the hand-tufted wool rosettes.
  • Are priced honestly, shipped for free, backed by a 25-year warranty and have a 120-night sleep guarantee.

There are many benefits to choosing a Brentwood mattress, including:

  • Ethically-sourced, healthy materials
  • Compressed and rolled for easy shipping
  • Handcrafted design
  • Honest pricing

Classic Brands

Classic Brands has been in the mattress industry since 1971. They started out making waterbeds, and transitioned to memory foam and latex mattresses in 2002. Their mattresses are constructed in a 100,000-square-foot facility in Baltimore, Maryland. They also have a second warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

The brand offers a wide range of mattresses, including:

  • Open cell memory foam
  • Gel memory foam
  • Innerspring
  • Latex foam

Classic Brands uses foam that is CertiPUR-US certified, and Intertek certified. Both of these certifications ensure that the brand uses high quality materials in their mattresses and other bedding products.

There are many benefits to choosing a Classic Brands mattress, including:

  • High quality materials
  • Variety of mattress types to choose from
  • Made locally

Top End

If you have a larger budget, you can choose some of the best mattresses on the market. These brands are famous for their high-quality manufacturing and comfortable mattresses.


A bed with mattress

The Ghostbed is designed and manufactured in the United States. It took more than 15 years of research, design and development to create this mattress, but it features a number of advanced features that users adore, including:

  • Cooling technology
  • Gel memory foam
  • High-density foam base

The Ghostbed is made with materials that conform to your body, including memory foam and latex.

There are many benefits to choosing the Ghostbed, including:

  • High quality construction backed by 35 years of research.
  • Latex and memory foam materials conform to your body while providing support.
  • Free nationwide shipping


Purple is the first no pressure mattress in the world. It provides support just like a firm mattress would, but cradles your shoulders and hips like a soft mattress.

The great thing about this mattress is that it provides the right amount of comfort and support for both back and side sleepers. Oh, it was also designed by an actual rocket scientist.

Purple has a grid system that allows the mattress to distribute weight evenly, and the memory foam used is temperature-neutral, so you don’t wake up in a sweat.

The company offers a 100-night trial, and was created over 20 years of research.

There are many benefits to choosing the Purple mattress, including:

  • No-pressure design eliminates pressure points completely.
  • Supports the back while cradling the shoulders and hips.
  • Keep you cool.
  • Ships rolled and compressed for convenience.


Leesa mattresses have been designed to provide the comfort and support sleepers love. Their mattresses have performance foam layers, core support and contouring pressure relief to provide users with a restful night of sleep.

The brand’s mattresses adapt to all sleeping styles and body types.

The company used 30 years of experience and hundreds of hours of testing to create their mattresses. Their mattresses have three layers:

  • Cooling Avena memory foam to keep you cool at night.
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam that contours to the body and alleviates pressure points.
  • Core support base foam layer that adds durability, structure and strength to the mattress.

All mattresses from Leesa are made in the USA, and for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one to those in need. They also plant one tree for every single mattress they sell as part of a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

There are many benefits to choosing a Leesa mattress, including:

  • Pressure-relieving design for a truly comfortable night of sleep.
  • The brand gives back to the community and the environment.
  • The company has a 100-night trial policy.
  • All mattresses are made in the USA.


The Casper mattress is designed for comfort, and the company uses innovative materials and engineering to craft the best mattresses.

The mattress is available in six standard sizes and is backed by an industry-standard 10-year warranty. Casper features a hybrid design, with both memory foam and springy comfort.

Cooling layers help you sleep comfortably, and the hybrid design gives you just the right amount of comfort and support.

Free shipping is available in the United States and Canada, and mattresses arrive in just two to five business days.

There are many benefits to choosing a Casper mattress, including:

  • Engineered in-house for stringent quality control.
  • Hybrid design gives you the right blend of support and comfort.
  • Backed by a generous warranty.
  • Available in standard bed sizes.
  • Shipping is free.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle says their mattress is the “internet’s most comfortable.” The brand offers a 100-night trial, free delivery and hassle-free returns.

The brand’s mattress is manufactured in the United States. The fabric they use actually comes from a textile mill in the Carolinas that’s family owned and 90 years old. Their foam is also poured and cut in the United States.

The mattress’s finishing touches are taken care of at the brand’s Southern California facility before being shipped out to consumers.

Tuft and Needle uses T&N Adaptive Foam, which adapts to your individual body size and shape. Offering gradient support, this mattress provides more support as you add more pressure.

There are many benefits to choosing the Tuft and Needle mattress, including:

  • Made in the United States using ethically sourced materials.
  • Uses innovative foam technology that provides just the right amount of support for your unique body type.
  • Single-layer design to keep you cool and optimize airflow.
  • Fairly priced.

If you’re interested in a T&N mattress you might like to check out our detailed comparison of Tuft and Needle and Leesa mattresses.


Tempurpedic is arguably the most famous memory foam mattress manufacturer, but they also have hybrid models that have both foam and inner springs. The company brings 25 years of experience to the mattress industry.

The company’s foam design was created using research from NASA and innovation from Swedish scientists. The brand’s mattresses conform to your body’s natural shape to alleviate pressure points and help you enjoy a restful night of sleep.

There are many benefits to choosing Tempurpedic mattresses, including:

  • Variety of mattresses to choose from, including different memory foam designs and hybrid models.
  • Quality mattresses designed with comfort and support in mind.
  • Cradles to the natural curves of your body for supportive comfort.

Tempurpedic mattresses are also known for being long-lasting and durable.

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