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What’s the best latex pillow for side sleepers?

What type of latex side sleeper pillow should I buy?

Using a latex side sleeper pillow will often relieve back and spine pain and offer the user a restful night of sleep, but there are multiple requirements you may need to fulfill in order to find the perfect pillow. From the firmness of the pillow to its ability to retain its shape as well as not hold in the user’s body temperature, buyers are required to research and consider their purchases carefully.

Will this latex side sleeper pillow continue to hold its shape after extensive use? Is this pillow soft enough to be used in bed, but firm enough to provide your body the support it needs to have a restful sleep?

Z by Malouf Duo-Latex Two-Sided Talalay Latex Plush and Firm Pillow
Our favorite for 2016
100{bf7006d9727ba0b204f45b2f78f9c21bb086d8653abc37c3766237f91282a029} Natural Latex Pillow by ExceptionalSheets
A great value option
Z by Malouf 100{bf7006d9727ba0b204f45b2f78f9c21bb086d8653abc37c3766237f91282a029} Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow
A comfortable and firm pillow

Another important point for a buyer to ponder is whether or not the pillow will retain excessive amounts of body heat during the night. A hot, sweaty pillow will not create a productive sleeping environment and instead can be counterproductive.

The buyer must also decide if the price point is appropriate for the purchase as latex side sleeper pillows can cost in the hundreds. While there are many considerations involved in purchasing the perfect latex side sleeper pillow, we are here to help you consider the options.


Z by Malouf Duo-Latex Two-Sided Talalay Latex Plush and Firm Pillow Z by Malouf Duo-Latex Two-Sided Plush and Firm Pillow Ths is a great side sleeper pillow for the indecisive person. With the option of a firm side and a softer side with the simple flip of a pillow, this product ensures it will provide the maximum support throughout the night. This pillow also comes with a five year warranty and comes in a range of sizes from standard to king size. With its breathable material and the ability to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, this pillow is considered exceptional for side sleepers, but it is at a higher price point than other pillows we will discuss.

Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow This pillow offers a consistently firm expierience which is considered optimal for side sleepers. This pillow is created with the same natural Talalay latex as the previous pillow and is also hypoallergenic. With its firmness, its supportive structure helps ensure a restful night of sleep and there is no need to constantly fluff or reshape this pillow. This pillow is offered in sizes ranging from standard to king and like its predecessor it is created with a breathable material and ensures a temperate sleeping environment for its user. This is another pillow that is at a higher end price point.

LINENSPA 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Bed Pillow LINENSPA 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Bed Pillow This is another great option for side sleepers and the first difference one may note between this and the previous two pillows is the cost. The Linenspa price point is significantly lower than either of the previous Maouf pillows we have discussed. This pillow features a uniform density that is appropriate for side sleepers as well as a plush velour cover that is easily removed for washing. It is also mildew proof and dust mite resistant. While this pillow feels soft to the user, its firmness assists the body in finding the perfect position for a good night’s sleep.

100% Natural Latex Pillow by ExceptionalSheets, King 100% Natural Latex Pillow by ExceptionalSheets The 100% Natural Latex Pillow by Exceptional Sheets is notable for its preponderance of pinholes which ensure a constant cool sleeping temperature. While this pillow is not made using the Talalay process of producing molded latex, there are no synthetic additives in the materials. This pillow is noted for its resilient form which ensures the user never needs to fluff or plump this pillow during use. Also in line with the Linenspa pillow, this pillow by Exceptional Sheets is in the lower price range for latex side sleeper pillows and is big enough to support any size user.

OrganicTextiles All Natural Talalay Latex Organic Encased Pillow - STANDARD SIZE OrganicTextiles All Natural Talalay Latex Organic Encased Pillow 
This pillow is at the lowest price point of the pillows we have reviewed today. It is all natural with a 100% cotton cover and reduces sweat by wicking away moisture. While this pillow is also firm and supportive, its smaller size may mean less support for certain users. This pillow is noted for retaining its shape and like other latex pillows it does not need fluffing or reshaping throughout the night. Its lower price point makes it an attractive option for those who are just starting out their search for the perfect side sleeper pillow.

How to pick the  best latex pillow for a  side sleeper

As we have noted, there are multiple options available when considering the purchase of a latex side sleeper pillow. Although price is always an important point in regard to purchases, one should perhaps look past this issue to the other concerns at hand. Is the pillow big enough for the nightly support you need? Is the pillow of the appropriate firmness? Can this pillow retain its shape throughout the night and offer your neck and spine the support you need? If you prefer pillows that give you optional firmness, you may want to bring home the Z by Maouf Duo-Latex Two-sided Talalay Latex Plush and Firm Pillow.

best latex pillowIf you need a pillow with uniformity and the ability to retain its shape and a cool temperature throughout the night, you may want to purchase the 100% Natural Latex Pillow by Exceptional Sheets, in king size. Due to the use of latex, all of these pillows are noted for being hypoallergenic and they are also noted for their ability to maintain a cooler sleeping temperature throughout the night although through different processes. Price point varies from pillow to pillow as well as size options for your pillows and should be considered last as a good night’s sleep is practically priceless. You may also want to consider warranties when considering which pillow to purchase as well.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are removable bedding that sit on the top of the mattress to make it more comfortable. Good toppers provide support to mattresses that are too soft or add softness without taking away the support which a mattress offers. The best toppers are made from memory foam because they have the ability to adjust to sleep positions, relieve pressure, and reduce motion disturbances while sleeping. If you want to buy the best memory foam mattress topper, keep reading this article.

Advantages of Memory Foam Toppers

Mattress toppers today are a far cry from when they were used as foam for egg crates and for thin feather beds. A mattress pad may extend to a mattress topper, it could also refer to thinner types of padding which can be attached to mattresses much like fitted bed sheets.  You can use these pads as protection for your mattresses, too.

Memory foam toppers have several distinct advantages over those made of goose down or rubber foam. They are more comfortable than the latter and provide more body weight support and don’t cause allergies like the former. Thickness is important when buying a bed topper so remember that while some varieties are cheaper, the comfort they provide is less.

Types of Toppers

Here are the two types of memory foam mattress toppers with their corresponding following features:

  • Superior Memory: Toppers with superior memory foam not only give relief from body pain but improve blood circulation to boot. This type of topper softens automatically to your body temperature and mould around curves to offer overall support for the body’s contour and size. Available in a range of densities, this topper type has a selection of numerous depths, albeit five centimeters would be the suggested choice.

  • Eggbox: This type enhances airflow at the same it distributes weight evenly to provide support and cushioning simultaneously. Heavy-grade foam is used for this type of topper to avoid getting flattened out and losing its shape under the pressure points of your body. It has built-in spinal support for your lumbar area even while you sleep. Eggbox toppers can be conveniently placed under bed sheets to improve sleep quality.

Choosing Your Ideal Mattress Topper

As mentioned, the most ideal mattress topper is made from memory foam. So how do you choose the best memory foam topper from the plethora of brands and models available? First, you have to be familiar with the different topper types and their respective prices.

Here are some factors for you to consider regarding memory foam mattress toppers:

 1. Density: Choose a topper with a density from three to five pounds. If you or your spouse/partner weigh well over 200 pounds get a topper that has a density of six pounds or higher for additional and stronger support.

2. Thickness: Some would be contented with two inches of thickness but good pads have between two inches and four inches of thickness. Thickness should mean it has sufficient depth to cushion even the widest shoulders of overweight people who are six footers and sleep on their sides. Smaller or medium-sized individuals would be happy with three inches of topper thickness.

3. Indentation Load Deflection a.k.a. ILD: This measures the comfort and ease of the deflection of the foam. The acceptable range is from eight to 20 ILD for a standard firm mattress topper but others prefer a range of 12 to 15 to have that “sinking” feeling of “melting” into the bed.

4. Temperature sensitivity: The ideal topper’s foam that softens at your body’s temperature to provide that conforming overall support for body weight and contour for spinal alignment purposes. Take note that foam cells that are away from your body stay firm while those closest will soften. If you stay in a place with a cold climate, you might find a memory foam topper harder than you expected but don’t worry because it will warm up as quickly as possible as it contours itself to how your body is shaped.

5. Return policy: Ensure that the store you purchase your memory foam topper from has a return policy of 30 days. Until you actually try your topper in the privacy of your bedroom, there’s really no telling whether or not the topper will work for you and meet your needs.

6. Materials: You have to confirm the materials used in the manufacture of the topper you choose to prevent worsening conditions of asthma and allergies. Toppers which are hypoallergenic are your best choice; these come sheathed in easily-laundered cotton covering. Some toppers have chemical smells when they are brand new and while this is normal, you can always choose breathable versions that are aired out prior to their shipment. Toppers can also have wool, natural latex, and goose down maerials.

 Recommended Brands

To help you in selecting the most suitable memory foam topper, here are three of the best rated brands which topped memory foam mattress topper reviews by consumers:

Lucid by Linenspa 2″ Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Has a three year warranty.

  • Foam is ventilated for increased airflow to provide a soothing temperature for sleep.

  • Designed to be tight over mattress and topper, it is an inch short on all four sides than standard mattresses.

  • More resilient because of the open cell technology that prevents leaving body impressions.

  • Resistance to allergens and dust mites.

  • Affordable.

  • Relives shoulders, back, and neck from tension, stress, and pain.

  • Supports the natural pressure points of the body.

  • Measures 58’ by 78” for a wide berth.

Density Visco 4 Pound Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

  • Has three inches and four pounds of memory foam density that feels like gel.

  • Provides the additional support needed by mattresses which may be sagging or dipping in some areas.

  • Designed to contour to the body at any given temperature.

  • PURGreen-U.S. certified which mean the topper was manufactured and packaged in the U.S.

  • Materials are free from hazardous chemicals or ozone-depleting compounds like polybrominated byphenyl ether, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates, and chloroflurocarbons based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

  • Manufacturing process has passed ISO procedures and standards.

  • Will not trigger allergic reactions.

  • Compressed, packed, and vacuum sealed for shipping.

3.3 Cloud9 Full / Double 3 Inch 100% Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • The name says it all, “Cloud 9,” with its exclusive Featherlight formula which gives you that quality of “floating” feeling when you sleep well.

  • 20-year (limited) warranty.

  • Made in the U.S.

  • Manufactured using an innovative type of visco elastic technology for memory foam to relieve pressure points.

  • Even distribution of weight along its surface to keep you from turning and tossing while you sleep.

  • Molds to the body effortlessly.

  • Reduces pain in the back and increases circulation during sleep.

  • Capable of transforming hard or old mattresses into more comfortable and softer surfaces.

  • With softer compression level/ILD rating to give the topper a supple and soft feel.

 Don’t Replace Your Bed, Get a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Instead

The reason why you have sleeping difficulties could be the quality of mattress you sleep on. But you obviously don’t want to replace your bed. What you can do is get a memory foam mattress topper to improve your bed’s sleeping surface.

Considering that we spend almost one third of our life sleeping or resting in our beds, comfort, quality and durability are not “bonuses” but necessities. You deserve to sleep in a bed with the best memory foam topper for health, relaxation, and yes, for regular trips to la-la land.