Five Essential Tips You’ll Need if You’re Planning on Going Mattress Shopping With Your Partner

So you and your partner have decided to shop for a new mattress. Maybe you’ve had enough of the stiff mattress you have been using for years. Or you just received a handsome raise and you want to reward yourself for your hard work. No matter the reason maybe, here are five tips that you should remember if you intend to shop for a new mattress with your partner.

1. Decide Where to Shop

Would you buy from a brick-and-mortar store or shop online? Consider the pros and cons.

choose a mattress to suit you and your partnerBuying from an online store may be more convenient, as you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. That’s alright but make sure you check the return policy of the online store you’re buying from.

The advantage of going to a retail store is that you can take a closer look at the mattress you’re interested in. It’s also more likely for department stores to offer discounts and promos, aside from having a wider range of choices. But you might be concerned with the traffic or the crowds that you have to deal with when you are at a department store.

2. Do Your Research First

Talk to your friends, colleagues, and relatives about their experiences in shopping for a mattress. You can also ask them about a certain brand of mattress that you can check out online or at a department store. This should give you an idea of which brand of mattress suits your needs and most importantly, your budget.

You can also go online and look for reviews of mattresses that friends and family members recommended to you.

You’ll have to decide the type of mattress you need. Would you go for a king size mattress which measures 76 x 80 inches, or a queen size one that measures 60 x 80 inches?

A good king-size mattress should cost you around $3,000 while a queen size one should set you back $1000 to $2,500.

3. Lie On the Mattress

Here’s one reason why you’d want to go mattress shopping at a brick-and-mortar store—you can try to lie on a mattress. When shopping for a mattress, try to lie on the mattress you are interested in for at least five minutes. Don’t be conscious nor allow the salesperson to hurry you along. A mattress is a big purchase, so you can’t be blamed for making sure that you are getting the right one.

4. Check for Warranties and Guarantees

Ask for the money-back guarantee of the mattress you’re buying. Most brands typically offer a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning if you’re not satisfied with the product, then you can send it back and get a refund.

Of course, you need to check the warranty. A good mattress should have a minimum of 10 year full replacement warranty.

5. Leave the Tag On

Don’t remove the label that is sewn onto the mattress, since the manufacturer will look for this in the event that you file a warranty claim. In the United States, most of the large mattress makers require the tag to be on the mattress before they process a warranty claim.

This tag is important as it contains identifying information on the mattress, like description of the filling, flame retardancy, as well as the percentage of the new or used materials used.

These are the five essential tips that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for a mattress with your partner. Be sure to follow these tips so that you can get the best mattress for your needs and one that suits your budget.


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