Five Films You Definitely Shouldn’t Watch Before Going To Bed

There are many people that love scary movies, but they do have their time and place. Psychological studies show that if you watch a scary movie before bed, you are putting your body under a lot of psychological and physical stress. When we are scared we go into ‘fight or flight’ mode, and doing so close to your sleep cycle can be really harmful.


This movie is a bit of a head trip, for most. It is based off of a mirror that has an entity that lives inside of it. When the entity ruins a young girls childhood, she spends the rest of her life researching and tracking down the mirror. When she does track it down, she moves it to her house to have the showdown of a lifetime with the entity inside. What happens next is the part that will keep you up all night.

The Babadook

The Babadook is a psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. The movie opens and depicts the relationship of a single mother and her young son. The boy’s father died the day he was born, and as a result, the relationship between him and his mother is a bit strained. When the son brings a creepy book to his mother, and asks her to read it to him, things start going wrong. The Babadook taunts and plays with them in a way that will have you peeking at the screen from between the covers.

As Above, So Below

This movie is based on the underground catacombs in France. A group of explorers enter the tunnels in hopes of finding the rumored Philosophers Stone. Upon entering the catacombs, the crew has no idea that they are stepping into their own personal hell. Following them throughout the caves will give you a whole new look at what hell could be.


As many movies before have done, this film depicts the utter horrors that can be unleashed when you play with something much more powerful than yourself. The story follows a group of kids who are trying to discover how their friend died. They unknowingly contact a malicious spirit, things go poorly. As these teens struggle for their lives, the truth, and the lives of their friends, they discover more about who they are contacting, and how their friend died.

Cabin in the Woods

This movie is yet another ‘stuck in the forest’ type films, but with a plot twist that will leave you absolutely reeling. A group of kids stumbles upon a basement full of old stuff, and stick their noses where they ought not be, which is never good for anyone in such a film. The group goes on to try to escape from the evil force they have summoned, and find much more conspiracy than they bargained for.

All of these films are superb horror films, but be sure you don’t watch them before bed. Unless you want nightmares, that is.

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