How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep On A Sleep Over

Sleepovers are a lot of fun for the kids! However, how can you or they get a good night’s sleep with all of those children around? Here are some tips to help everyone in the house have a great time and wake up refreshed and happy (and ready for more fun).

Nightlights and Stuffed Animals

Some children have trouble sleeping without a nightlight. Some people have trouble sleeping without a stuffed animal or security blanket. Ask the parents if they think that these issues might come up. Also, be prepared with a nightlight just in case (or keep a light nearby dimmed so that nobody gets embarrassed).

Set a Bedtime

some pillows on a couchThe bedtime can be a bit later than normal, but there should definitely be an established bedtime, and the children should have a time to get ready for bed. Get everyone in pajamas with their teeth brushed at a certain time and have lights out shortly after that.

Baby Monitor

If you’re the worrying type, you might have some trouble falling asleep when you’re not sure if all of the kids are sleeping like they should be. Keep a baby monitor in the room on a low volume so that you can hear if there is any loud roughhousing without being able to hear their conversations.

Avoid Sugar at Night

Keep sugary drinks and desserts for after dinner. All other drinks and snacks should be things that won’t keep the children up all night. Water and milk are good options for late night drinks, and you can give the children celery with peanut butter or goldfish crackers. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have pizza, soda, and candy earlier in the day. But close to bedtime, it’s a best idea to avoid the sugar.

Make Sleeping Comfortable

Make sure that you have enough blankets and pillows to make everybody comfortable. If you don’t, simply ask parents to provide a sleeping bag or blankets. If everyone is comfortable, it will help them fall asleep.

Bedtime Activities

There are plenty of activities that will help the children relax and enjoy themselves at the same time. You can read different stories with the kids. You can also put on a movie that isn’t too exciting for them to watch while they fall asleep. Other relaxing activities include coloring, reading, and talking.

Maintain Rules

how to choose the right thin pillow if you sleep on your sideThere need to be rules, and they need to be followed. Sure, a sleepover is about fun. However, the children need to understand that there are limits. Make sure that the children know the rules and know what the consequences will be for breaking the rules. Follow up this lecture with a fun activity to help maintain a fun atmosphere.

Everyone knows that sleepovers are fun. However, to keep the good times in the morning, everyone has to have a good night’s sleep. Parents will be cranky without enough sleep, and a parent without enough sleep with children who are cranky from not getting enough sleep can lead to a bad day. Follow these rules so that everyone is well rested and happy!

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