Is It A Good Idea To Sleep With Your Socks On?

Whether it’s a good idea to sleep with your socks on is one of those questions that has no one definite answer. Either you’re a socks-on person or a socks-off person. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between.

Socks On

Here are some of the most common benefits sock-wearers swear by:

1. Warm Feet

Since the majority of our body heat is lost thought our heads, hands and feet, there is proof that keeping our feet insulated inside a pair of socks on cold nights is a good thing.

2. Socks Help Prevent Night Sweat and Hot Flash

Wearing socks helps your body regulate its temperature while you sleep. Controlling your body temperature helps prevent periods of hot flashes or night sweats, either of which can interrupt your sleep.

3. Reduce Dry Skin on Your Feet

feet in bedPeople who are subject to dry skin know that especially in winter, they can wake up and find their feet are dry and cracked. This can lead to soreness and affect your walking or athletic performance.

Moisturizing your feet with an appropriate creams and then wearing socks will substantially reduce chances of waking up with dry skin.

4. Better Night’s Sleep

Keeping your feet warm with socks causes your blood vessels in the feet to dilate. This sends a signal to the brain that it’s time turn of the conscious switch and fall asleep.

No Socks

On the no-socks side of the argument, here are several arguments against wearing sock while you sleep:

1. Feet Get Too Sweaty

To avoid your feet from getting too sweaty, especially in warm seasons, it’s better to sleep with no socks. Sweaty feet can lead to fungal infections like athlete’s foot and also lead to that most noxious of human conditions, stinky feet.

2. Poor Fashion Aesthetics

If you’re the type of person whose physical appearance means more than anything else in their life including comfort, socks are not for you. There has yet to be pair of socks knitted that can instill amorous feeling during the night or early morning.

3. Trouble Maintaining Deep Sleep

While wearing sock helps tell your brain body it’s “time for sleep, ” research also shows that keeping your skin temperature “perfectly comfortable” is important in maintaining a deep, restful sleep. If your feet get too warm from wearing socks, that can be a sleep interrupter.

What Type of Socks to Wear for Sleeping

some socksIf you are going to wear socks while you sleep, here are several pointers to make it a pleasant experience:

1. Change Your Socks before Bedtime

You should change into a clean pair of socks before retiring for the night.

2. Proper socks

Choosing the right type of sleep sock is important. Too thick or the wrong material and they don’t “breathe” to allow sufficient airflow around the feet. This can cause sweating and overheating.

Find socks that are made of light, natural material and are loosely knitted for optimum comfort.

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