Review of the Bamboo Pillow High Quality Pillow by Good Life Essentials

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Are you having a hard time sleeping? As this review of the Bamboo Pillow from Good Life Essentials would tell you, a bamboo pillow may be what you need to solve your sleep woes.

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Bamboo Hotel Quality Pillow By Good Life Essentials
Editor’s Rating B+
A great pillow that provides a comfortable and cool nights sleep.

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This bamboo pillow from Good Life Essentials is designed to give its users the most comfortable rest they’ll ever experience. It is filled with high quality poly fiber made in the United States. It is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. No matter what your preferred sleeping position is, you will find this hotel quality pillow the perfect bed companion. It is also machine washable. Moreover, the maker offers an amazing full money back guarantee for those who are not completely satisfied with this product.

This queen size pillow, with its cover being made from bamboo, is ideal for people who sleep hot. Bamboo, after all, has fibers that can wick moisture away from the skin. Bamboo also naturally dries faster than other fabrics, and can resist odor retention. Being made of bamboo, the pillow can keep users cool during the hot months.

Aside from being able to regulate body temperature, bamboo is also an environment-friendly material. If you are conscious about helping protect Mother Nature, then you should consider getting a bamboo pillow. Bamboo is an incredibly renewable plant capable of growing fast. It has a high per acre yield. It is also drought resistant, and virtually leaves behind no ecological footprints.

This pillow is designed for just about every type of sleeper. Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or tummy, you will find this pillow very useful. It is soft and filled right. It is firm and provides just the right amount of support to the head and neck.

The Good

Aside from bamboo’s temperature-regulating properties and the type of head and neck support that the pillow provides to users, there are other things you will like about this bamboo pillow from Good Life Essentials.

For one, the pillow is also very well made and durable. It is not surprising at all as Good Life Essentials is a reputable maker of pillow and beddings. Bamboo, too, is a sturdy raw material that can outlast other materials which pillows are often made of like cotton. In fact, bamboo is said to have a lifespan that is about three times as long as cotton.

Bamboo is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, which makes the material ideal for people who are allergy sufferers. By nature, bamboo is antibacterial and has hypoallergenic properties. This explains why most bamboo pillows are recommended for babies as well as those who suffer from asthma and other allergy-related conditions like sneezing, redness in the eyes, nasal congestion, itching in the throat and nose, and cough.

This bamboo pillow can also put an end to your neck pain woes, in case you have one. An ideal pillow for people suffering from neck ache is one that is wide enough to fit the head and neck. The pillow must also keep the neck and shoulders warm to prevent neck pain and stiffness, aside from giving the right level or height of support to the head. These needs are adequately provided by this bamboo pillow.

It can also be an effective solution against snoring. Snoring can keep you up all night, and even your partner. A bamboo pillow elevates your upper body, aligning your spine in the process and prevents the airways from being blocked. The head is then positioned in such a way that the nasal passages are open, so you can breathe easier without opting for surgery.

This pillow can also help in preventing or lessening the occurrence of migraines. By keeping the vertebrae in its natural position, the pillow aids in minimizing nerve irritation which can trigger a migraine headache.

The pillow is also machine washable, which makes it perfect for busy individuals. This pillow is designed to endure regular machine washing and drying. It won’t easily lose its shape or softness even after years of machine washing and drying.

Finally, the pillow comes with a full money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it to the manufacturer and Good Life Essentials will give you a refund, no questions asked.

The Bad

This is far from being the perfect pillow, at least for the budget-conscious. This pillow is a mid to high level option. Certainly, there are other pillows which are a lot cheaper than this bamboo pillow although not all of them are as comfortable as this one from Good Life Essentials.

However, you can still shop around for good deals for this pillow. Some online stores offer up to 70 percent discount on this pillow from Good Life Essentials.

It also emits a stench that can turn off users, but you should not worry about it. As many online reviews of people who have actually used this pillow indicate, the odor is normal in most beddings and pillows. Most mattresses and bed toppers made of bamboo have that distinct smell.

You can just open the windows of your bedroom on the first night you use it. The odor should be gone on the second day or so of using this bamboo pillow.


This Bamboo pillow from Good Life Essentials may just be what the doctor ordered for you.

Regardless of your sleeping position, you should be able to get a good night’s sleep with this pillow. It is not too soft and not too firm. It will give you the right amount of support to your neck and head, keeping your spine in its natural alignment and preventing you from waking up with a sore back or neck.

If you sleep hot, then this is the pillow you would want to be beside you. Bamboo naturally wicks away moisture from the skin, hence you can expect to have a cool sleep when using this pillow. It can also keep you warm during the cold months because of bamboo’s ability to adjust to ambient temperature.

The pillow may not be cheap, but at least you’re getting your hands on a premium product.

Performance: 4/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Design: 4/5 stars

Value for money: 5/5 stars



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