Side Sleeper Pro Neck and Back Pillow: Caring For You While You Sleep

According to the American Chiropractic Association, sleeping on your side and sleeping on your back are the two recommended sleeping positions. These two positions reduce the pressure on the ligaments and muscles of the spine and do not cause muscle pain. On the other hand, other sleeping positions may cause damage to the spine and the nervous system or may lead to neck and back pain.

The Side Sleeper Pro Neck and Back Pillow is a product designed by a doctor to promote proper sleeping posture so you can sleep well and wake up revitalized the next day. In this article, you will know more about the features and the pros and cons of Slide Sleeper Pro. At the end, expect to see the verdict based on the product’s price range.


The doctor-designed pillow is great for people who are constantly experiencing muscular pain due to bad posture while sleeping. The product helps you to correctly align your head, neck, and spine so the muscles and the ligaments involved can relax along with the rest of the body. Using the pillow will ensure that your airways will remain unblocked so you can forget about snoring issues.

The earwell was designed for added comfort and for consumers who like to play relaxing music before drifting off to sleep. The cover material is made of 100 percent cotton and the filling is made of 100 percent polyester fiber. Lastly, the pillow is firm and does not flatten after months of use.


Aside from its features, the pillow also has noticeable positive qualities:

  • First, the pillow’s size is just right to support the neck and head of the average consumer.
  • The product’s structure helps the shoulder stay in a relaxed position and allows users to position and cradle their head comfortably while sleeping on the side.
  • Also, the earwell is good for keeping the ear from getting crunched by the pillow.
  • Other pillows flatten after weeks of use but the physician-designed pillow stays firm.
  • The product is also professionally made with easy to remove pillowcase and well integrated zipper.


While the pillow promotes proper sleeping posture, it has a few issues:

  • First, the arms are uneven: one side is longer than the other. As a result, users may need to flip the pillow if they want the same level of comfort.
  • Next, every user is stuck with the default pillowcase. The company does not sell additional pillowcases for interested consumers.
  • The earwell is not large enough which may cause problems for people with big ears.


For many people, getting a good night sleep is imperative because it will affect their performance the next day. The ticket price of this pillow is a good price to pay for a product that ensures proper sleeping posture, especially if the user is experiencing neck and back problems or regularly sleeps on their side. The Side Sleeper Pro Neck and Back Pillow is definitely worth a try!

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