The Best Bathtub Pillow Reviews Guide For 2020

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Let Our Guide Help You Find the Best Bath Pillow After 2015

At the end of a long, exhausting day, nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm bath. But neck pain can keep you from truly enjoying your moment of relaxation. Resting your neck and upper back against the back of a rigid tub can be uncomfortable to say the least.

Zleepi Soft Terry Bath Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

The Original GORILLA GRIP (TM) Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow

A great value option

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Sheer luxury

The solution? A luxurious bath pillow.

Choosing a bath pillow is almost as complicated and tedious as buying a bed pillow. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when comparing your options:

  • Size: One key thing to think about is the pillow’s size – and the size of your tub. If you have just a small lip on the top of your bath, you’ll need to choose a smaller pillow, possibly one that folds, to fit properly in your tub. On the other hand, if you have a large lip at the top of your tub, like what you would find with Jacuzzi tubs, you’ll need to make sure that you choose a pillow that’s large enough to offer adequate support without forcing you to lay with your neck all the way back.
  • Quality: The quality of the neck pillow is also important. Whether you choose an inflatable model or one that offers cushioned support, it needs to last more than just a few months, weeks or days. Make sure that the pillow is rated highly by users, and spend some time researching the company to learn more about its reputation.

Quality and size are two key things to think about when comparing pillows, but we’ve saved you the hard work and found the top models on the market based on user satisfaction, price and quality.

Our Reviews – Let Us Help You Find the Best Pillow for the Bathtub

Zleepi Luxury Bath Pillow – Soft, luxurious and comfortable, the Zleepi is not like other bath pillows – it’s made of plush terry towel not plastic. To create a truly spa-like experience, the makers of this pillow created a design that offers comfort and support for your back and neck while you soak your troubles away.

Non-slip suction cups keep the pillow firmly in place, so you never have to waste time repositioning it. A soft foam insert is wrapped in soft terry cloth, so your neck stays supported without any discomfort.

And to keep the pillow in great condition, there are loops that allow you to hang the pillow for thorough drying in between uses. The foam insert dries in no time, so you can enjoy a clean, healthy bath every time.

The Zleepi is the most high-end model on our list, but it offers superior comfort and the added bonus of a soft terry covering.

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow – Some people claim that the Gorilla Grip is the ultimate bubble bath pillow, and it’s easy to see why. Built with seven Gorilla Grip suction cups, this pillow stays put.

The only downside to this pillow (and it’s a minor one) is that it doesn’t have the same soft covering that the Zleepi has. With that said, it’s still smooth and soft, and features 2”of padded foam.

The Gorilla Grip pillow has two panels and is 14.5” x 11”. It’s expansive and flexible design provides adequate shoulder, head and neck support.

There is one major benefit to not having a terry cloth cover: the pillow is very easy to clean. If you decide to drink a glass of wine in the tub and spill some on the pillow, all you have to do is wipe it down and it’s as good as new.

Serenity Now Bath Pillow – The Serenity Now Bath Pillow is affordable, comfortable and comes with some extra bonuses that add to your bathing experience.

This pillow also has a two-panel design to provide complete upper body support, and is constructed with high-quality vinyl. Vinyl is resistant to mildew and mold, which makes it the perfect material for use in the bathtub.

Like the Gorilla Grip pillow, this model also has seven suction cups to keep the pillow firmly in place during use. When you’re done, wipe it clean, dry and it’s ready to go for the next use.

To complete the spa experience, the manufacturer includes a cooling/warming eye mask and a spa music download.

MyGift Deluxe Soothing Soft Gel Bath Pillow – Although smaller in size, this soft gel bath pillow from MyGift adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your bath. And it’s ideal for smaller tubs or baths with narrow edges.

The soft gel filling adds comfort and support for your neck or back, while the three suction cups keep the pillow in place while you bathe. A multi-purpose cleaning towel is included with the pillow to keep it in excellent condition.

The only minor issue with this pillow is that the manufacturer states it can be used in a hot tub. Based on our experience, we’ve found that it’s not optimal for this purpose. The suction cups aren’t quite as effective.

Aquasential Inflatable Bath Pillow – The Aquasential inflatable bath pillow is the most affordable option on our list. The terry cloth covering adds comfort, while the inflatable base offers the support you need while bathing.

We also like the shell design – perfect for beach-themed bathrooms.

This pillow is larger in size, which makes it a great choice for deep tubs. Four suction cups keep the pillow firmly in place, so you’re not repositioning the pillow every two minutes.

Some users have complained about the suction cup quality. We’ve found that wiping down the side of the tub is the key to making sure this pillow sticks and stays put.

Aside from this slight issue (which is easy to resolve), this pillow is quite comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Buyer’s Guide – Looking For Bathtub Back Support? Let Us Guide You towards the Perfect Pillow

Taking a long, hot bubble bath should be relaxing – not uncomfortable. But finding the right bath pillow isn’t always easy. Some are soft and comfortable, but lack support for your back. Others are so big, they become bulky and uncomfortable.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your tub pillow:

Bathtub Pillow

  • Number of suction cups: The more suction cups, the better – in most cases. The problem with some bath pillows is that they only have a few suction cups, and they aren’t of the highest quality. Make sure the pillow has at least three. This way, even if the suction cups aren’t the best quality, there’s a good chance the other ones will pick up the slack and keep the pillow in place.
  • Material: Another thing to consider is the pillow’s material. Do you want a pillow with a soft terry material, or do you prefer vinyl? Our first and last picks have towel-like coverings that add to the spa experience. Just keep in mind that these pillows may require more maintenance to keep them from developing mold or mildew. Vinyl isn’t quite as soft or luxurious, but it’s generally easier to keep clean.
  • Shape: Do you want a solid pillow or a multi-panel design? Pillows with two panels tend to offer more support and comfort, while solid pillows are generally better for supporting just one area (neck or back). The shape you choose is a matter of personal preference, but an important thing to consider.
  • Price: The final thing you need to think about is the price. If you’re on a very tight budget, the last pillow on our list is an excellent choice. If you have a higher budget, the first three picks will give you more value for the money.

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