The Best Bed Bug Mattress Protector Reviews Guide for 2020

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How To Find The Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement After 2015

Bed bugs may sound like a problem of yesteryears to you, but think again. Bed bugs are causing a lot of troubles, with a recent poll in the United States showing that 58 percent of nursing homes have been treated for bed bugs, and 64 percent of 7,000 pest management professionals saying that the pests are on the rise.

Sleep Defense System Mattress Encasement

Our favorite for 2020

LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof

A great value option

LUCID Encasement Mattress Protector

A great cover from LUCID

This justifies the need to buy a bed bug mattress protector that can trap bed bugs, and prevent infestation of beds. Moreover, a bed bug mattress encasement can safeguard the health of your family and make your sleep more soundly.  Encasements provide a simple, practical, and effective method for eliminating bed bugs by trapping these pests inside and preventing them from re-infesting mattresses and box springs.

In shopping for a bed bug mattress protector, one of the things you’ll have to consider is the zipper. The zipper end stop should be strong and durable enough as most encasements are prone to failure at this particular part.

Just like in choosing a mattress, the bed bug mattress cover should be comfortable enough for you to sleep on. You’d like one that is breathable, meaning it wicks away sweat and keeps you comfortable the entire night. This is something that people who sleep hot will  have to be concerned with.

It is not uncommon for allergy sufferers to be wary of bed bugs because it can aggravate their allergies. If you’re one of those prone to allergies, you should find a bed bug mattress protector that can prevent the allergens from exiting through the zipper and worsening your condition.


Sleep Defense System – Waterproof / Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement  – Reputable firm Hospitology brings hotel and healthcare-level bedding protection to households with this mattress encasement. It features durable seam construction, a high thread-count polyester knit fabric and a one millilitre thick polyurethane layer that is 100% waterproof. The polyester knit fabric is soft to the touch and fully breathable, meaning it won’t trap heat making it cool to sleep on.

This product can cover a mattress that has a height of 12 inches to 18 inches. It has zippers on three sides, plus comes with an allergy blocker that can prevent allergens from exiting through the zipper.

This mattress protector is a mid-range model.

LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protector – This mattress protector from LinenSpa provides six side of protection, deterring bed bugs as well as dust mites and allergens from reaching the mattress. It has a soft and breathable fabric that can ensure a cool temperature and comfy sleep surface, making it ideal for people who sleep hot. There’s also a thin and waterproof membrane with micro-pores facilitating the flow of air, while blocking liquids and bugs.

This cover provides a secure fit on mattresses that are up to 12 inches deep. It is machine washable and dryer safe. This product is a mid to high-range item.

Mattress Guard 100% Waterproof Hypoallergenic Bed Bugs Proof Premium Mattress Protector  – This is a hypoallergenic mattress cover that is lab-tested to be 100% bed bug safe. It can protect your mattress against dust mites, sweat, urine, bacteria, and allergens. It has a durable and soft bamboo rayon back that can resist all types of stains and moistures.

A key feature is its 360-degree micro zipper technology that is designed to resist all types of bed bugs from passing through the zipper. It can let its users have a comfortable and restful sleep as it has a breathable membrane coating that is noiseless and doesn’t get hot.

This is a mid to high level model.

LUCID Encasement Mattress Protector – This is a premium mattress protector.  It eliminates the chances of bed bugs passing to and from the mattress.

The mattress encasement can fit mattresses with depth of six to 18 inches. Putting it on and removing it for laundry is hassle-free with its elastic bottom and easy-to-remove top. It has a watertight zipper and sealing bug flap as well.

Sleeping on this mattress protector should not pose any problems, because it has a smooth surface that is noiseless. It won’t also change the feel or firmness of your mattress. It has a 15-year product warranty against manufacturer defects.

SLEEP TITE ENCASE LT Bed Bug Proof Waterproof Mattress Encasement Protector – This is another premium, waterproof mattress encasement.

It is thin, quiet and breathable and offers six sides of protection. There’s 100% waterproof barrier allowing air to pass, but bars fluids, allergens, and bugs from infiltrating your mattress. Its laboratory-certified H2PR membrane also guarantees both protection and comfort to its users.
This mattress protector is zippered, giving it a secure fit for protecting the mattress. The design also makes it easy for users to remove the mattress cover for laundering. It is machine washable, too. It fits mattresses from six to 14 inches deep.

Buyer’s Guide –  How To Choose The Best Rated Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Because there are plenty of bed bug encasements in the market, it can be quite a challenge to pick just one bed bug cover.

a stomach sleeperThere are several things that you will have to consider in buying a bed bug mattress cover.  One is that the material of the mattress protector ought to be thick enough so that the pests won’t be able to feed through it, and break through the encasement. You should also ensure that the protector has no coverings or large seams for the bugs to get in or out.

The zipper type should also be considered. Find a mattress protector with a zipper end stop to completely seal the mattresses, preventing the bugs from crawling through the gap that is usually left between the fabric and zipper. You can also consider getting a mattress cover from a company that provides actual test results proving that their products are bed bug proof.
Of course, you should not compromise on the comfort. Look for a mattress protector that won’t change the feel of your mattress. Ideally, it should be cool to sleep on during the summer months, and warm during the winter season.

You should also ensure that the encasement will accommodate your existing mattress. This is the reason why you should take note of the specs of the bed bug encasement.
Finally, set a budget and then make a shortlist of bed bug protectors based on your budget.
These are some of the things you need to remember when choosing a bed bug mattress cover.

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