The Best Bunk Beds for Teenagers Reviews Guide for 2020

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In The Market For A Bunk Bed For A Teenager? Let Us Help!

Teen loft beds are back in style, and they’re a great way to save space and allow teens to sleep in the same room. When shopping for new bunk beds, it’s vital that you spend time doing your research and finding a bunk bed that best fits your needs.

Camino Classic Style Twin Size Bunk Bed

Our favorite for 2020

Twin-over-Full Workstation Loft Bed

A very close runner-up

Night & Day Cinnamon Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

A great product

And if your teen is anything like every other teen on the planet, they can be rather picky when choosing a bed – or anything else.

We’re going to take the hard work out of the equation and provide you with a list of the top models we’ve researched. You just have to make the final decision on which model you prefer. We’ll even give you a few tips to make your decision easier.

A few tips to compare between the models below are:

  • Storage: A bunk bed or loft bed can offer ample storage options. Shelving on either the top or bottom are great for books and small decor items. Some will also offer a desk or workstation on the bottom that maximizes space. Underbed storage is also an option.
  • Material: The material needs to be durable, but it also needs to match the design and feel of the space. Wood material is great because it adds a touch of life to a room. Metal works well, too, but it doesn’t match every room and bring the “outside” feel indoors.
  • Accessories: Many manufacturers will offer additional accessories for sale, which are really neat. Additional shelves or drawers may be available to make the bottom of the bunk even more functional. If you think you want something a little different, see what type of accessories the manufacturer offers.

Reviews of the Best Loft Beds for Teens

Camino Classic Style Dark Walnut – The Camino Classic comes in a beautiful dark walnut color and is constructed out of solid wood. Dark walnut is the wood of choice for this bunk bed, and there are attached shelves on the bottom and top of the bunk bed for each teen to store their own items.

A ladder is attached to the bunk bed allowing for a quick and easy entry and exit for the top sleeper.

The dimensions of the bunk bed are 76.75″ L x 53.25″ W x 70.75″ H. This is an ideal choice for families that want added storage and have kids sleeping in the same room. Top and bottom shelves make great use of extra space while there’s plenty of space underneath for added storage.

Twin-over Full Workstation Loft Bed – The Twin-over makes the most use out of your space, and if you have teens a few years apart, this is a must-have. The bottom extends outward, while the top bed extends horizontally to fill the room further.

A side ladder allows the top sleeper to go up to their bed without disturbing the bottom sleeper.

This workstation model has a small desk attached to the bottom of the bed to allow for laptops or books to be read next to the bed. Gunmetal is used for the loft bed finish. The height of the bunk bed is just 65″ tall, and the top is best suited for a child or smaller sleeper.

Night & Day Cinnamon Twin Over Twin Bed – The Night & Day is a beautiful bed with slat mattress supports and is made of solid rubber wood. A chocolate finish makes this a beautiful look in any room, and it will convert to two twin beds as needed.

The top bunk is accessed by a ladder positioned at the foot of the lower bunk bed.

Guard rails are available on the upper bunk to keep kids from rolling out of bed. The dimensions of the product are 80″ x 41.5″ x 68″. When the kids grow up, this bed can be used unbunked, allowing you to save money by not needing to buy a new bed.

Accessories can be purchased from the manufacturer to add storage shelves to the bottom.

Angel Line Creston Twin Over Twin Bunk – Angel Line offers a twin over twin bunk bed that’s part of their Creston lineup. The main selling point of this model versus other teen loft beds is that it’s priced for the low-budget shopper. This model can hold 165 pounds per bed, so adults weighing more don’t want to use the bed.

When kids grow older, they can separate the mattresses to make two twin beds that sit independently of one another.

Wooden bed slats hold each twin mattress safely. There are top rails as well as an attached ladder at the foot of the bottom user’s bed. There is a lot of storage room under the bottom bunk to store toys and other items.

Acme 10170 Allentown Bunk Bed – Beautiful in design, this bunk bed offers an espresso finish with a twin bunk bed that offers storage and a trundle, too. Guard rails protect the top sleeper, and the steps are built into the bottom of the bed in a walk-in function rather than a ladder.

The design concept has two large drawers under the bottom sleeper that open up to a trundle for overnight guests. Perfectly concealed, the trundle is a great option for sleepovers.

There are 5 drawers at  the end of the bed to maximize storage. This bunk is bigger at 98″ in length, 43″ width and 68″ in height. Total weight of the bunk is 286 pounds, so buyers will need help with assembly and moving the bunk to its final position.

Buyer’s Guide –  How To Choose The Right Teen Bunk Bed For You

If you’re scratching your head thinking “all these beds look great,” we can help. All these bunks do provide their own benefits, and when trying to choose the best model for your teens, the choice can be a difficult one to make.

bunk bed teenagers

A few of the ways we approach buying bunk beds are:

  • Budgets: There are expensive bunk beds and bunk beds that are a third or fourth of the price. Every budget is different, but defining a budget really helps a buyer stay on pace to find a bunk bed that meets their needs. If you have a budget, you can eliminate beds that don’t fit in your upper range to make the decision making process much easier.
  • Size: The size of the room the bed will be in and the size of the bed need to be considered. Some loft beds extend in two directions, which may make them too wide for some rooms. Decide on a size that matches your room best and allows for ample walking space. Remember, many bunks offer storage, which is an added bonus.
  • Type: Do you want a bunk that can be separated in the future and turned into two independent beds? If so, there are options available that allow you to detach the bunk to accommodate the teens getting older.

Bunk beds and loft beds are becoming more popular. These beds offer a lot of space-saving benefits and may even come with drawers or shelving to make the most use out of your space. Make the choice to buy a bunk that complements your room perfectly.

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