The Best Contour Pillow for Side Sleeper Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Help You Find the Ideal Contoured Pillow for Side Sleepers

A contour pillow is designed to provide ample support to the neck and head while you sleep. It is firm enough to sustain the ideal position of the said parts of body, and in turn relieve muscle tension and maintain proper alignment.  Contour pillows are ideal for both back and side sleepers.

Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

A great value option


A great gel pillow

For side sleepers, one benefit of a contour pillow is that it conforms to the space between the neck and the surface of pillow. It has a slightly raised position, giving the right level of support to both the neck and the head.  This can help in reducing neck pain, and even partial obstruction of the airways that can result to sleep apnea and snoring.

Contour pillows can be made from different materials. Memory foam is one of those materials. In fact, it is the most widely used filling for contour pillows because one, it is firm and two, it retains its shape even after years of use.

Polyester is another material that a contour pillow can be made of. Polyester is often constructed with a man-made fiber feeling, such as microfiber and hollow fiber. It is relatively cheap and lightweight. Polyester is also good for people with allergies.

This material may be easy to bend and scrunch but it also has it downsides. One is that it isn’t durable at all, and can flatten really quickly. The filling also gets out of shape after a few months of use.


Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Queen Size Bed Pillow for Side Sleepers by Aeris – This memory foam contour pillow is highly recommended to side sleepers because it relieves the pressure on the neck and back muscles. People who sleep on their side and regularly complain of neck pain can get some much-needed relief by using this pillow.

It is also comfortable to use because of the presence of ventilation holes. While memory foam is notorious for getting hot, Aeris created ventilation holes on this pillow so that there would be good air flow.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow – This memory foam pillow was designed with the brand’s SureTemp memory foam technology that ensures the cushion can retain its shape throughout the night. Not only can you be assured that the pillow won’t flatten; your head and neck will also be cradled well.

The therapeutic design of this pillow allows it to provide gentle alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders. It can help relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain thanks to the said design.

There are also two raised edges in this pillow, with different heights. Thus you can choose which part of the pillow you’d want to rest your head and neck.

PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel – This a higher end pillow, but you’ll surely get your money’s worth with this memory foam pillow.

Apart from the contoured design for the best in comfort and support to the head and neck, this memory foam pillow is equipped with an innovative cooling gel technology. It disperses heat and provides a fresh and invigorating feeling so that users can sleep comfortably every night.

Its cover is made from 60 percent  polyester and 40 percent cotton. It is machine washable and zipper removable for ease in washing.

ViscoSoft ARCTIC GEL CONTOUR Pillow with washable COOLMAX® Cover – This one is another high end contour pillow that comes with a cooling gel. The latter is designed to absorb ambient temperature. It can help the user sleep well because optimal sleeping temperature is maintained all through the night.

Moreover, this contour pillow is designed to fit the contours of the neck and shoulder while the user is sleeping. This can help in relieving neck pain for side sleepers.  And because it is made of memory foam, it can retain its shape even after months and years of use.

Buyer’s Guide- How to Find the Right Contour Side Pillow for You

There are several things you need to take into account when choosing for a contour pillow.

a woman sleepsWhether you’re looking for a chiropractic pillow or a cervical pillow, you need to consider the material.

There are a lot of reasons why memory foam is the most commonly used for contour side pillows. One is that it is ideal for use of people with allergies because it is hypoallergenic and dust and mite resistant.  Another reason why memory foam is highly coveted is that it stays in shape despite constant use. Plus, memory foam has the right level of firmness for most people.

Synthetic substitutes such as polyester aren’t a bad choice either because these are washable and hypoallergenic. They also can match up well with memory foam pillow in terms of firmness.  On the other hand, natural fill like goose feathers can be incredibly soft but expensive as well.

Speaking of expensive, the price of the pillow is another thing that you will have to consider when shopping for a contour pillow.  You can get your hands on a contour pillow for a budget price, while the more expensive ones are in the high end and luxury proice ranges. For some people, the price may be too much for a pillow but remember that these are premium contour pillows that can retain their shape for many, many years.

Because you can’t touch a pillow online, you will only have to rely on other people’s reviews. This underlines the need for you to read as many online reviews. This is the most practical way to determine whether a certain type of contour pillow is best for you.

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