The Best Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Find the Best Cooling Mattress Topper After 2015

Are you waking up at night, wondering how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress – or any mattress? Night sweats are often caused by a lack of airflow in the mattress that keeps all of the hot air trapped, so you sweat at night.

LUCID 2 Inch Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Our favorite for 2020

LINENSPA 1 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Pad

A great value option

Beautyrest 3-inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A high-quality cooling mattress pad

It’s not a comfortable feeling to wake up in a sweat.

A cooling pad for your bed is an inexpensive way for you to be able to cool your bed and sleep well without having to spend a bundle on a new mattress. The best part is that these pads don’t add too much height to the bed and come in a variety of size options so that they’re guaranteed to be able to fit your bed.

Before we dive into reviews on some of the industry’s best cooling mattress toppers, let’s look at a few criteria points to consider:

  • Height: The height of the topper really does matter. Sizes from 1” – 3” are offered. The benefit of thicker toppers is that they often contain more foam and conform to the body a little better. But the added height may be too high for smaller users to get in their bed comfortably.
  • Material: Many toppers offer gel or memory foam, or a combination of the two. Combinations often offer the best quality because they’ll conform to the body and work to keep you cool at the same time.
  • Resistance: Dust mite and allergen-resistant materials are a major perk, too. This will keep dust mites away, and if you have allergies, the allergen resistance will keep sneezing and congestion at bay.

Cooling Mattress Topper Reviews

Beautyrest 3-inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – Simmons Beautyrest is an industry icon, and the 3-inch sculpted memory foam topper that the company offers is right around the mid-range level. Available in sizes twin – king, this topper works to draw warm air away from the body for maximum comfort all night long.

The gel memory foam also adjusts to your body’s temperature to provide accurate cooling at all times of the night.

The three-inch foam also offers natural resistance to dust mites and has antimicrobial protection, too. When unwrapped for the first time, the mattress topper will need 48 hours to fully expand to its original shape. If you want the best mattress topper, this is it.

LINENSPA 1 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Pad Review – The LINESPA is available in only twin size and has dimensions of 38” x 75”. Perfect for a twin bed, a major selling point of this topper is that it is just 1” in height, so it doesn’t add too much height to the bed.

For smaller kids, too much height added by the pad can be an issue.

Memory foam that’s infused with gel beads is used to help prevent overheating when sleeping and also improves the breathability of the topper. Resistant to allergens and dust mites, this topper is a good choice for anyone that is outside of a city where dust and pollen may be in abundance.

Beautyrest 3-inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – This is the queen-size model of the Beautyrest model previously reviewed, and it also includes a pair of corded earplugs and a sleep mask to ensure that you sleep through the night uninterrupted. Offering a medium comfort level, this topper is as comfortable as it is breathable.

Memory foam conforms to the body and acts like a coolant thanks to the foam’s natural ability to pull warm air away from the body.

Dual-sided gel further acts to release pressure on sensitive areas to minimize aches and pains when you sleep. Weighing just 3.2 pounds, this topper also eliminates motion transfer that is felt when someone else gets up or lays down on the topper.

LUCID 2 Inch Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – The LUCID 2 is a go-to memory foam mattress topper for someone that wants to add a little height to their bed, but not too much. This topper features 2” lucid gel that works to capture heat and distribute it so that you don’t overheat when sleeping.

Open-cell technology keeps the topper in top shape, and the memory foam is CertiPur-US certified.

Mid-ranged, this topper is reasonably priced. The topper is resistant to dust and allergens like most of the pads on our list.

This is a great overall topper, and the perfect choice for anyone that wants to add a smidge of height to their bed.

Natures Sleep Thick AirCool IQ Queen Topper Review – Natures Sleep offers the AirCool IQ, which feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. One of the top toppers in the industry, this model is high-end item but it does also include a microfiber fitter cover and a bed skirt that is 18”.

A great value, this model’s cover is 100% microfiber. The topper is 3” thick and offers unmatched cooling, while the IQ gel memory foam works to react to your body as you sleep to enhance the airflow.

This is a high-budget topper, and with all of the extras included, this is a steal.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Cool Mattress Topper for You

The best cool mattress topper for you will be different than the best mattress topper for another person. A few things you’ll want to think about before making your final decision are:

Cooling Mattress Pad

  • Size: Never choose a size bigger than your mattress size – these are night pillows. Always check the size of the topper and even go as far as measuring your current mattress to ensure that it is the right fit. Also keep the thickness of the topper in mind so that you don’t add too much height to your bed.
  • Price: There are numerous different price ranges, but don’t be deterred by pricing too much. A cheap topper may suffice, but always consider what the higher-end toppers offer for the price. Our last pick included a high-end sleep mask and earplugs, plus a cover and a bed skirt – what a deal.
  • Motion Transfer: If you have a significant other that will enter and leave the bed often or seemingly turns over like an elephant and shakes the whole bed, this can cause you to have a subpar sleep. Memory foam and gel toppers can offer motion transfer support that allows you to remain unaffected by your partner’s movements at night.
  • Cooling: It’s hard to judge cooling on a product’s description, but this doesn’t mean reviews and the description of the way the topper cools aren’t helpful. Most toppers draw heat away from the body, but they also need to be able to distribute the heat while remaining breathable.

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