The Best Knee Pillow for Back Pain Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide to Choosing the Best Knee Sleeping Pillow if You Have Back Pain

Back pain will not only prevent you from doing your day-to-day activities; it can also cause you pain to the point that you may not be able to sleep well.  Many doctors suggest that those suffering from back pain sleep on their side, with the knees pulled up slightly forward to the chest. This position would alleviate strain on the back. Hence, you need to find a good knee sleeping pillow so you can have a good night’s rest despite your recurring back troubles.

Knee-“t” Pillow for Sleeping

Our favorite for 2020

Cushy Cloud Memory Foam Knee Pillow – Orthopedic Contour Knee Spacer Best Pillows

A great value option

Knee-T DLX Memory Foam Knee Pillow

A great choice

There are several good options for a knee pillow to lessen back pain when sleeping. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a memory foam pillow. Memory foam also contours the body better than most materials, plus it is also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. You’d want a memory foam for the knees to have a density of 3 pounds or above.

You can also opt for a wedge pillow as it is good for the knees when you are sleeping. Wedge pillows are easy to shape and position compared to regular foam pillows. Look for one that will allow air to circulate so that your knees won’t get sweaty. Wedge pillows are also valuable for eliminating pressure points over bony prominences.

You may also use a knee pillow bolster if you have chronic back pain. This type of pillow is usually 27 inches long or more, and lets you move in bed without having to reposition it.


Knee-T DLX Memory Foam Knee Pillow – This memory foam pillow is designed for side sleepers who suffer from back pain as well as arthritis, sciatica, and herniated disc. It reduces back pain through its patented design, which supports and holds the legs in a neutral position.  It also keeps the feet separated to aid in the healing of other ailments like plantar fasciitis, corns, hammer toe, and gout. People who have chronic ankle problems will also find this pillow useful as it isolates the ankle to speed up healing of ankle injuries.

This knee positioning pillow is mid ot luxury range item.

Cushy Cloud Memory Foam Knee Pillow – You should be able to sleep soundly when you use this knee pillow. It is made of medical grade memory foam that gives you the right amount of support for your hip and back aches. It has the right mix of comfort and support, which would make it a joy for you to place it in between your thighs or below your knees. It retains its shape even after many months and years of use.

Its removable cover is machine washable so you won’t have any problems in cleaning this pillow. It is also relatively affordable and is a mid-range item.

 Knee-“t” Pillow for Sleeping – This pillow has a unique, patented design for reducing back pain. It evenly supports and holds the legs in neutral position, whether you prefer to lie on your right or left side. There are two straps that can be adjusted so you can find the most comfortable position for your legs. Its design makes it a perfect knee pillow for those with back pain as well as arthritis, sciatica, and herniated disc.

This pillow also aligns the hip joints, reducing stress on that part of the body. Blood circulation from the hips to the feet is improved when you use this pillow.

Knee Pillow For Sleeping, Back Pain Relief, Side Sleepers, Sciatica Pain  – If you’re tired of pillows that slide out of place while you are in the middle of your sleep, try this knee pillow from T-Side. It has a leg strap which makes this side sleeper pillow stay in place throughout the night, helping ease back aches in the long run. It has a patented, anatomical design that lets it fit between the knees, so you can align your hips and relax the lumbar spine while you sleep.

This pillow will also make you comfortable for most of the night because it won’t get hot at all. It’s a  fairly inexpensive pillow and is a medium level item.

InteVision Knee Pillow with High Quality, 400 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover – This is another relatively inexpensive pillow that you can get for less than 30 bucks. Its two layer design should make you comfortable for much of the night. There’s a memory foam on top for enhanced comfort, and a highly sturdy base foam that prevents it from being compressed.

Using this pillow should lessen the back pain you experience because it minimizes the stress on the legs and hips. It also keeps the spine parallel and aligned, while promoting good blood circulation.

Serving as the icing on the cake, so to speak, is a cover made of 100% Egyptian cotton with a zippered 400 thread count.

Buyers Guide – how to Choose From All the Knee Pillows for Sleeping on the Market

With the number of options that you have, it can get difficult to choose a knee pillow.
a woman suffers with back painLike in any other purchase, price is one factor that you need to take into consideration. You can get a good pillow for your knee for a reasonable amount. You can spend more, however, if you think that you deserve a pillow made of premium material and which can last for a longer time.

Most of the knee pillows these days come in two sizes—rectangular and hourglass. The latter is known for being able to stay in place overnight because it contours to the shape of the legs and knees of its user. This cannot be said of rectangular knee pillows. But if you still want to get a rectangular shaped pillow, find one that has a fabric strap so that one of your legs will remain in place for most of the night.

You should also look for a knee pillow that is firm because it can keep the upper leg from rotating over the other one. A firm pillow works better than a softer cushion cause it somewhat serves as a kickstand.

Lastly, you should get a pillow manufactured by a reputable company. Read reviews on firms that manufacture and distribute knee pillows, and focus on their customer service. Are there complaints about how the said firm handles customer issues?  If that’s the case, you might want to look for a knee pillow that is made by another firm.

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