The Best Lumbar Support Pillow Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Help You Choose the Ideal Back Support Pillow After 2015

Do you have lower back pain? If you want an effective way of treating lower back pain, why don’t you start with a good back support pillow? These days, pillows aren’t just designed to be a good sleeping companion. Some are specialized to relieve pain felt in certain parts of the body, like the back. A back support pillow mainly reduces pain in the lower back through continued use, helping the user enjoy a more sound sleep.

LUMBAR ROYALE Premium Lower Back Support Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

Love Home Memory Foam 3d Ventilative Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion

A great value option

BackGuard Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion

A great memory foam option

A back support pillow isn’t just used during sleep. It’s designed for use when sitting. It can fill a natural gap created between the lower part of the spine and the chair when used in a seated position. It is also ideal to use when sitting in a car as it provides support to the lumbar curve.

There are three seat cushion types—standard seat cushion, lumbar support cushion, and two piece cushion.

Seat cushions are the most common of the three types. It’s small and flat. It is designed to provide ample support to the coccyx and relieve pressure from the buttocks. It is particularly ideal for use of people who have sciatica, a condition characterized by pain in the tailbone.

Back support cushion helps the spine in getting to a neutral position. It usually has a strap that slips over, holding the cushion in place. It can be used on office chairs and car seats. It prevents the users from slouching.

Two piece or full chair cushions are big and bulky. It provides support not just to the lower back but even to the back of the neck.  It is usually secured to the chair with straps or ties.


Lumbar Royale by King Comfort – This pillow is designed for use in office chairs, desk chairs, and car seats. You can also use it while sleeping by placing it under your knees. This

It is made from memory foam so it is unlikely to flatten even after years of use. Memory foam is not only durable; it also does not emit an unpleasant smell. More importantly, it is firm and dense. It also conforms to the natural curve of the spine, so your back is ably supported even after hours of sitting.

Love Home Memory Foam – This is a more affordable option compared to the Lumbar Royale as it has a mid-range price point.

It extends from the base of the spine up to its mid-point. It’s an excellent road trip companion as it reduces stress to the back brought by hours of sitting. It can also be used in the office.

The cushion is made of a specialized mesh fabric that lets air circulate, so you won’t get that sticky feeling while using it.

BackGuard by Simple Posture – This is a  back support cushion that is made of memory foam.

This cushion should stay in place with its dual adjustable strap that helps you keep it right where you want it to be. It has the right level of firmness to support the spine even after hours of sitting. It even has a breathable mesh design that prevents the material from getting hot with extended use.

Therm-A-Rest – The Therm-A-Rest lumbar cushion is a solid budget option. Don’t let it’s affordability fool you; as it is a quality product by any definition.

The pillow is self-inflating, resulting to a personalized level of support. You can also adjust it with one hand to put substantial support to any seat that you may have to sit in.  It features die-cut foam around the center, designed to reduce pressure along the spine and maintain density on the sides.

Premium Lumbar Support Pillow by MemorySoft – This is another affordable lower back cushion.

This lumbar support pillow can be used at home, in the office, or while riding or driving a car. It is made of memory foam that conforms to the natural shape of the back. It won’t make your back sweaty even after hours of use thanks to its 3-D mesh fabric.

This cushion stays firmly in place as it has an adjustable, elastic snap-on strap. It also doesn’t emit any bad odor.

Buyer’s Guide—How to Choose the Right Lumbar Back Support Pillow for You

There are lots of considerations that you’ll have to remember when choosing a back cushion. Obviously, price is one of them. As you may have noticed in the reviews, you can get a good back support cushion for a budget price. A high end cushion will obviously cost you more,

Women Side Sleeping

But aside from the price, you’ll have to consider other factors such as the way the cushion is secured. If you have your own chair in the office, a full chair cushion could be the right one for you. This is because you can have the full chair cushion tied to the office chair. But if you’re the type of office worker who moves around or does a lot of travelling, a portable type like a comfort foam seat cushion is a more practical choice.

The shape and size of the cushion are also two factors that can affect your buying decision. You don’t want to get a cushion that is too high for you as it will make sitting uncomfortable. You should also avoid a cushion with too much of a curve in the lower back as it can make you assume an awkward posture. If possible, test the cushion in real life before you purchase one.

Lastly, the type of material should also be considered. You’d want to get a cushion with a removable fabric cover as you can easily clean it via the washing machine. Cushions with faux leather aren’t a bad choice either as this can be easily wiped.

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