The Best Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Find the Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain If You Also Suffer Neck Pain

Neck pain is the pits. You turn your neck in agony, and the pain can keep you up all night. While pain can be caused by strains or exertion, most people suffer from neck pain due to their sleeping position at night.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

Contour Memory Foam Pillow By Dc Labs

A great value option

The Pancake Pillow

A great adjustable option

And the position that you sleep in may not be the only issue: it may be your pillow.

An ergonomic pillow that conforms to the head is a good start to alleviate neck pain. You’ll also want to look for a pillow that offers optimal support. The best sleeping position for neck pain is one where your neck and spine are properly supported and aligned.

In general, a side sleeper needs a thicker pillow than someone sleeping on their back or stomach to keep the neck aligned. When comparing pillows, pay attention to:

  • Material: Memory foam and materials that provide optimal support over a feather pillow are better for people suffering from neck pain.
  • Position: Many pillows are designed for specific sleeping positions. If you know your sleeping position, buy a pillow that can conform to your head when you’re in this position. People that toss and turn often may do better with an “all position” pillow.
  • Designed for the Neck: A lot of pillows contour to the neck or are designed for neck pain. these are the best options if you want to stop neck pain.

These are the three main points you’ll need to pay attention to when reading our reviews. We’ll also be discussing how to choose the right pillow for you a little later on.

Reviews of the 5 Best Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perfect Pillow – Designed purposely for your neck. Featuring bamboo (43%) and polyester (56%) on the cover, this pillow is breathable and soft. High-grade memory foam allows this pillow to conform to the head, and it’s perfect for back and side sleepers.

Usable by people with large and small necks alike, this pillow is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

Standard sized (the only option available), you can fit any pillow case on this pillow with ease. When it comes to neck pain, this pillow is a dream come true. After a few nights of sleeping on it, your pain will be a thing of the past.

If you suffer from neck pain and have the budget for it, this is the best pillow on the market for neck and shoulder pain. Period.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Dc Labs – Premium support, DC labs offers an orthopedic pillow that is designed to align the neck and spine to reduce sleep-related pains. Medium-firm, this pillow is a budget to mid-range item, and it’s designed to contour to your body as you sleep.

The cover can be removed and washed, and this pillow has also been designed for back and side sleepers due to the two different heights of the pillow.

Utilizing material developed by NASA, this pillow has a height of 2.75” to 4”. Offering proper alignment and a size of 20” in length and 12” in width, this is a good choice for anyone in the medium-price range.

The Pancake Pillow – The Pancake Pillow is one of my favorites, but its higher end status caused it to slip a little on our list. This pillow allows for an adjustable night’s sleep by allowing you to add or remove pillow inserts to adjust the height.

Meant for sleepers of all styles, you’ll be given six layers that can be removed or added for just the right height.

And the manufacturer also includes a 300 thread count cotton outer case that is divine. An alternative to down material, this pillow is made with a microfiber fill. I recommend this pillow to anyone with a higher budget that needs a truly customized pillow to match their needs.

Sleep Yoga® Dual Position Neck Pillow – Sleep Yoga is meant for back and side sleepers that suffer from neck pain. This pillow offers a middle that produces a natural curve to conform to your neck and adds extra support for cervical alignment.

Soft and machine washable, this pillow increases the flexibility of the neck and has been designed by a team of chiropractors to combat pain.

Unlike other pillows on this list, this pillow is made with a blend of cotton and lyocell. Soft, hypoallergenic and absorbent, this pillow provides a cloud-like sleep and comes in standard and queen sizes to match both bed sizes (king size is not available).

If you’re not a fan of memory foam, Sleep Yoga is a smart buy.

ANS Cervical Bed Pillow – Featuring shredded gel memory foam, this pillow comes in a queen size and is affordably priced. Adjustable for all sleeping styles, this pillow adds the support needed for neck and shoulder pain.

And if shoulder pain is your main concern, this may be the right pillow for you.

A 30-night satisfaction guarantee is offered, and this pillow is machine washable, hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Neck and roll side compartments are available, so you can adjust the pillow to meet your desired needs.

While the Pancake is adjustable in height, this pillow allows for even more refinement thanks to its neck and side adjustments.

Supportive and truly unique, the ANS Cervical is a good choice in the mid-price range.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Shoulder and Neck Pain Pillow for You

You’ve read all of the pillow reviews above, and you know that they all work well in their own unique way. And you may even be asking “what’s the right pillow for me?” This is the hardest question to answer.

Everyone is different, and your budget plays a huge role in your pillow options.

A few tips to choose the right pillow include:

Man Holding Neck Pillow

  • Price: I will say it again: price matters. If you need a pillow meant for neck support and shoulder support, you need to be willing to spend at least a noderate amount. And you can go up past this figure for high-end pillows.
  • Size: The size of the pillow matters. Standard pillows are fine when you stay on your side or back all night and don’t roll around too much. But you should choose a pillow that matches your bed size: standard, queen and king.
  • Support Level: Contoured pillows or memory foam are great for the neck. Neck and shoulder pain are caused primarily by misalignment, so you need to ensure the pillow chosen will provide enough support for your head’s weight.
  • Breathability: Less important than support is the breathability of the pillow. If you sweat at night, you’ll toss and turn more and move out of a proper sleeping position. A breathable pillow reduces this sweat to ensure you remain comfortable at night.

Neck and shoulder pain are one of the most common complaints seen in a chiropractor’s office. With the right support and pillow, you can eliminate these pains and wake up feeling refreshed – not achy.

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