The Best Soft Pillows for Side Sleepers Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide To Choosing The Right Soft Pillow If You’re A Side Sleeper

If you’ve been a side sleeper all your life and you’ve had a history of not being able to sleep soundly, then a change in pillow may be what you need.   Soft pillow have a natural advantage over their firmer cousins, as the latter  can raise your head to a degree that is uncomfortable and cause undue strain on your neck and back.

Bamboo Alternative Down Pillow

Our favorite for 2020

Down Alternative Pillow

A great value option

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

A great option

One type of pillow that is soft enough for side sleepers is the memory foam pillow. Its softness and contour shape make this type of pillow popular among side sleepers. Memory foam pillows provide adequate support to the shoulders, head, and neck while adjusting to the body’s weight and temperature.

Feather pillows are also great for side sleepers. Not only is a feather pillow soft but it also gives the head enough elevation when sleeping. While it is very comfortable to sleep on, a feather pillow isn’t the most durable as it can lose its shape after several months of use.

Buckwheat pillows are soft and provide adequate support. They also don’t store heat making a buckwheat pillow an idea sleeping companion even during the summer months. A major downside is its weight, as a single buckwheat pillow can weigh five pounds.

Latex pillows have also been very popular as of late. They give the neck and head superior support. When you use a latex pillow, you’ll notice that it won’t allow your head to slump while you sleep. A major turnoff, though, is its prohibitive price.


Down Alternative Pillow – This soft pillow is filled with microfiber fill ensuring firm support to the neck and head. It is also 100% hypoallergenic, hence you don’t need to worry about using this pillow if you are an allergy sufferer. Its shell is made of 300 thread count, mercerized cotton fabric.

This pillow has the firmness to support your head and neck, and ensure spinal alignment. Yet it is soft enough that you won’t feel like you are sleeping on foam. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the pillow comes in four sizes—king, queen, standard and Euro and is a budget item.

Bamboo Alternative Down Pillow – Don’t let this pillow fool you. It may fell soft the first time you touch it, but it is firm enough to cradle your head. It is thus designed to make you sleep well regardless of your preferred sleeping position, and will drastically reduce the times you toss and turn.

It features a removable bamboo cover that will make you stay cool all through the night. The cover is machine washable, so cleaning won’t be a problem at all. This is the pillow you need if you sleep hot.

This pillow comes in two sizes—queen and king.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover – This pillow feels like down, but provides the support of a memory foam. It combines the trait of the two pillow types, coming up with a pillow that is ideal for side sleepers. It has the plushness and breathability of down pillows, and the support of memory foams.

Its shredded memory foam technology allows users to thin out or fluff up the pillow for more support. Hence it is versatile enough for sleepers to find the right support and height for them while they lay down on the mattress.

This hypoallergenic and mite resistant pillow is a high-end item.

Extra Soft Down Pillow – This face down pillow is a basic white down cushion in a soft density, which makes it ideal for face sleepers. But side sleepers will also love this pillow because it is soft and yielding, making it the perfect knee pillow.

This pillow is also machine washable and dryable. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic.  This pillow also has no quills that stick out. It comes in three sizes—standard, queen, and king.

This extra soft down pillow is also quite affordable and would be classed as mid-level option.

Extra Soft Down Pillow by ExceptionalSheets – Another high quality, soft pillow that could be used as a knee pillow for sleeping is this cushion from ExceptionalSheets.  Its filling is less packed compared to traditional down pillows so that you won’t crank out your neck. But you can still expect this pillow to be fluffy while giving optimal support to you all night long.

Moreover, this pillow will keep you cool throughout the night even during the summer season. It has a tight cotton ticking that is designed to avoid any poke through. You’ll definitely get a good night’s rest with this pillow that is a mid to high range item.

Buyers Guide – Get The Right Soft Side Sleeper Pillow For You

With the numerous soft pillows available in the market, you might find it hard to pick just one pillow for you. So how do you choose the best down pillow?

Young beautiful woman sleepingThere are several things that you will have to keep in mind when choosing for a pillow. One is the price. You can get a good quality side sleeper pillow for a budget price but you can also splurge a bit and spend a considerable amount on one, if you have the money. Pillow prices tend to differ based on the material use and the reputation of the manufacturer. But it doesn’t always mean that a more expensive pillow is of a better quality than a cheaper cushion.

Speaking of company reputation, this is another factor that should affect your buying decision. How do you know that a company is reputable? Good user reviews can give you an idea of how highly regarded a firm is. Also, a good maker of pillows guarantees its products. This means you can get a replacement or even a refund if the pillow flattens out within a specified period.

You should also decide whether you want a formed or moldable pillow. Some people want a pillow that retains its shape throughout the night. If you have a habit of putting a pillow under your neck, you should avoid a gusseted side sleeper pillow. Buy  shredded memory foam or even a buckwheat pillow instead.

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