5 Adjustable Bed Health Benefits

An adjustable bed is one in which the surface is multi-hinged, which allows the body to lie in a variety of positions. Popular positions include a raised upper body and/or a raised lower body. Flexible and supportive mattresses must be used with these beds in order to get the maximum health benefits.

[1] An Adjustable Bed Can Help Alleviate Back and Neck Pain and Shoulder Tension

Girl sleeping with her brown plush toyPain in your back, neck and shoulders can leave you unable to live a normal, productive life. Movement becomes limited and it’s even hard to think clearly because of the pain. Any measure that may alleviate this misery is worth taking.

Adults need six to eight hours of sleep to be healthy both physically and mentally. Since so many hours are spent sleeping – or trying to sleep – attention should be given to how you can make those hours the most restful.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, you can take the pressure off your spine by adjusting the bed to raise your upper or lower body, whichever feels more comfortable for you. Some adjustable beds have several bendable sections, which gives you even greater control over your sleep position.

[2] Adjusting Your Position Helps Ease Hip Pain

Hip pain, caused by such conditions as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, can make waking up a wretched experience. If you sleep on your side, the pain is often worse in the hip that is on the top. This is because the hips are the widest part of your lower body and the muscles and joints of your uppermost leg are stretched and out of alignment when sleeping on your side.

An adjustable bed will help you sleep in a better position for hip pain. Furthermore, you can periodically adjust the position of your hips and legs to find a new comfortable position and increase circulation in that area.

[3] Sleep Apnea is Another Medical Condition that is Relieved by an Adjustable Bed

A person with sleep apnea stops breathing for short periods of time while sleeping, depriving the brain and other organs of oxygen for up to 60 seconds.

Dealing with this illness for a period of time can cause high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke.

Depression can also be caused by sleep apnea because the mind needs regular, good quality sleep in order to function optimally. Sleep apnea sufferers don’t get restful sleep. When their breathing stops, their body triggers them to wake up, sometimes with coughing or choking.

The most common cause of sleep apnea is the tongue or sagging tissue in the back of the throat blocking person’s airway. Lying flat on the back makes the matter worse. Gravity encourages the tongue or skin to fall down, blocking the free passage of air.

An adjustable bed allows the torso to be elevated, reducing the effect of gravity drawing the tongue or throat tissue down to the back of the throat. Each individual can adjust the head portion of the bed to the perfect incline to give a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

[4] Snoring, Like Sleep Apnea, Can Cause a Fitful Sleep

Snoring can disrupt your sleep and that of your partner. You are not getting a truly restful sleep when you are snoring. If your snoring is audible throughout your house, it is recommended that you see your doctor. Snoring can lead to high blood pressure.

A safe and effective solution to snoring is sleeping in an adjustable bed. Elevate the head of your bed until snoring subsides.

[5] The Pain of Nighttime Acid Reflux Can be Alleviated by Adjusting Your Bed

A hospital study showed that elevating the torso relieves acid reflux during the night. The patients studied frequently had acid reflux at night when lying flat on their back with their head on a pillow.

It was found that adjusting the bed was better than propping the patients up with pillows. When on pillows, their heads were often in a forward position that put additional pressure on their stomachs, causing acid reflux. Also, the patients tended to slide down off of pillows.

However, when their torsos were elevated by adjusting their beds, they had a better night’s sleep.

The conclusion of the study was that if patients who suffered from acid reflux at night while in bed were placed in a bed that had the torso elevated at least 6 to 8 inches, they were able to sleep at that incline and experienced significantly fewer acid reflux attacks.

Any acid reflux attacks they did experience were milder because gravity allowed the acid to clear the esophageal airway quicker.

Does the Type of Mattress Affect the Health Benefits I Will Receive?

A well decorated bedYes. The right mattress can give you many health benefits but the wrong one can cause you health problems.

The best types of mattresses for adjustable beds are made of memory foam, latex foam, and certain multi-chamber air mattresses. Flexible innerspring mattresses can be used but have been known to cause pressure points which can cause pain.

If you have an allergy to latex or other substances, take extra care to know exactly what materials the mattress is made of.

When choosing an adjustable bed, you want a mattress that:

  • Bends well to follow the contour of the bed’s base
  • Conforms to your body
  • Gives you plenty of support
  • Does not form pressure points
  • Will not give you an allergic reaction

If one or more of these features are absent, this mattress is not one that will give you a restful, healthy night’s sleep.

Demonstration of Adjustable Beds and Their Features

Here is a video showing a list of benefits, a demonstration and useful features of a variety of adjustable beds.

The narrator in this video lists these benefits to sleeping on an adjustable bed:

  • Relieves lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and minor aches and pains
  • Gives better posture and support
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps with pain from arthritis
  • Helps with asthma or other breathing problems
  • Helps blood circulation throughout the entire body

Various sizes and prices of the adjustable beds show that they are affordable. Some beds have a vibration feature with timers, USB ports and electric outlets.

Investing in an adjustable bed is an investment in your health.

Today’s beds are designed to last decades but our bodies change over time. A bed that served you well when you first bought it may not be the one you need now. What’s worse, mattresses tend to collect dust mites, fungus and germs, so they should be replaced periodically.

If you have developed a health issue or if you are having more difficulty sleeping since you purchased your current bed and mattress, an adjustable bed with the perfect mattress for you may be the answer to improving your health and sense of well being.

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