5 Questions and Answers About Adjustable Beds

We’ve all seen those commercials for the adjustable beds that allow you to either set your mattress up high or low, firm or soft, hot or cool; but if you are like me, you probably don’t know very much about these beds.

Here are five questions and answers about these adjustable beds.

Can I Use Any Mattress Type on an Adjustable Bed?

A women sleep in the  adjustable bed

Buying an adjustable bed might seem like a daunting task, and in a way, it is. However, you don’t have to be afraid to ask certain questions. One great question is the one listed above. What kind of mattress do you need for your adjustable bed?

There is plenty of advice out there for which mattresses you need for these beds. Typically, the adjustable beds do not come with a mattress that fits the bed. Some beds, especially if two people are sleeping on it, need to have a split mattress for easy adjustments on either side.

These mattresses also need to be non-slipping. Since they will be moving a lot on the bed frame, you need a mattress made for these kinds of beds. There are several mattress companies that sell these types of mattresses that have a non-slip coating on the bottom.

Good Bed has interesting insight into how to choose the best mattresses for your adjustable bed once you are on the market for one. They even have several customers answered questions because they have been there and experienced purchasing these mattresses.

Check out our in depth review of the DynastyMattress/Legget and Platt adjustrable bed set.

Is It Possible to Buy an Adjustable Bed with Mattresses Included?

This is a great question for those wondering about purchasing an adjustable bed. Usually, you are required to purchase your own mattress because adjustable beds do not come with a mattress. However, there are some cases where you can get a mattress included.

Some companies sell only the adjustable bed base, which replaces your boxspring mattress. You can find adjustable friendly mattresses in most mattress stores, and these simply rest on top of the adjustable bed base just like they would a boxspring. It really is that easy.

LP Adjustable Beds is a manufacturer that sells adjustable bed bases, and they have an excellent FAQ section about the best types of mattresses for their adjustable bed bases. Luckily, you can choose most any mattress suited to your sleep habits and comfort level to put on your adjustable bed.

Can I Use an Adjustable Bed Base with My Existing Bedroom Furniture?

There are a few conditions about this particular question, unfortunately. It is not as easy to match up adjustable bed frames with your current bed as it might seem. In fact, it can be rather difficult to match them up enough for the adjustable bed to work properly.

You can use the adjustable bed with your current headboard and footboard, but you need to do a few things before moving it in. Start by measuring your bed to see what size it is. Standard sized adjustable beds will typically fit standard bed frames.

You should also check for footboard brackets are on your footboard. If this is the case, you should not have any problems with the adjustable bed, but should your footboard not have them; you need to invest in the brackets to keep the bed from sliding.

Adjustable Bed Center has worked to bring you more information about adjustable beds, so you know how to use your current room d├ęcor with your new adjustable bed. This can save you time, money, and stress as well.

Does an Adjustable Bed Require Special Sheets?

Two differnt view of adjustable bedAs the question before this one, there are several conditions that need to be met when using standard sheets. Though you can use the same sheets you have been using for a while, they won’t work with split mattresses.

If you have purchased a fully adjustable bed, you can use whatever size sheets are needed for that mattress size. For example, if you purchase a Queen adjustable bed, you can use any Queen sized sheets to cover your bed.

However, if you purchase a split King where either side most independently, you need to purchase two sheets that match the split sizing for either side of the bed. Of course, you don’t need two flat sheets, just the fitting sheets to cover the mattress.

Richmond Bedding has the recommended sheet sizing for each split adjustable bed should you be in the market for new sheets to go on your bed. Often, the manufacturer will sell sheets to fit these beds, but they are often pricier than other sheets.

Are Adjustable Beds Covered by Medicare?

In some cases, it is possible for Medicare to pay for adjustable beds. However, it is extremely unlikely. Of course, Medicare won’t directly pay for the adjustable bed so there are certain measures you can take to possibly have Medicare pay for your new adjustable bed.

Should your physician prescribe an adjustable bed to you, it might make the possibility of Medicare paying for the bed more of a reality. However, this is usually payed for by a Medicare supplement insurance that tends to cover more than Medicare alone.

What you would need to do is go to your manufacturer, purchase the bed with your own money, and have the manufacturer take it from there. They would then file a claim to Medicare. Should Medicare choose to pay the claim, you would be reimbursed for the bed.

Ehow has an excellent source on how to decipher whether or not Medicare will pay for your bed, whether you should file a claim, or whether you should have your physician sign off on the bed. Luckily, they don’t leave you hanging when considering the options for Medicare payment.

All you have to do is find the manufacturer you like best, this should be a particularly easy tasks as brands such as Leggett and Platt and Reverie have produced some amazing beds in the last few years, then find the bed size to fit your needs, make that purchase, and enjoy many restful nights on your new adjustable bed. Since there are many options, you don’t have to worry about your bed not being available either. Your best night’s sleep is only one purchase away from happening.

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