Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers Worth It?

Huffington Post reports that bed bugs are a true epidemic, making solutions of the utmost importance. Some options are impractical like smearing petroleum at the base of the bed to trap the insects. Other solutions might have some merit like bed bug mattress covers, but the question we will explore is are they worth it?

Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers Vital?

A bed bug mattress

Bed bug mattress covers (like other bed bug solutions) are optional, but they should be considered. Bed bug bites are not known to spread disease, but some people are severely allergic to them, which could pose a danger.

The CDC says that the bug’s presence and bites have led to sleep deprivation, which can hurt a person’s overall health in many ways since sleep affects things like mood and memory retention. I could imagine how this issue might affect members of your family like your child’s performance at school.

The answer is that bed bug mattress covers are not vital, but they can make a difference.

How do These Covers Work?

The bed bug cover is a tightly woven encasement that is usually made of vinyl though this is not always the case. The covers are effective because the insects cannot penetrate them.

Bugs that might be living in the mattress cannot escape, and those trying to get in will not be able to. There are no creases in these covers, so the insects will be easy to spot. These bugs usually do not survive longer than a year without feeding, so those hiding in the bed will eventually die.

You should keep in mind that 80 to 95 percent of bed bugs are found within the bed or 15 feet from the bed as reported by the Cabarrus Health Alliance, NC. This means the infestation could be partially controlled by purchasing one of these covers.

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Really Help?

I know this is the million dollar question, and the truth is they do work; in fact, the EPA recommends these covers as one of the top 10 things to buy to fight bed bugs.

Of course, the right steps need to be taken by putting the cover on correctly to ensure that it works optimally. This is a video showing how to properly install your bed bug mattress cover.

It is important that the zipper used to seal the mattress cover has very small teeth. These bugs can get through a zipper if the teeth are spaced out, so be sure to pay attention to that.

It should be noted that zippers must also have a seal or a zipper lock because the ends of the zipper could be entry points. You should also make sure that you protect the cover, and never remove it until enough time has passed. Use a cover protector or a mattress cover to keep the cover from ripping.

Taking these steps should ensure that the cover works effectively. Of course, I recommend that you get high-quality covers, meaning you should pay attention to third person reviews and the price. You can also ask bed bug specialists or pest specialists about additional tips to help you find the best bed bug mattress cover out there.

Will These Covers Replace Treatment?

Not letting bedbugs bite becoming harder to doThose thinking of purchasing this cover to avoid using professional pest control might want to rethink that. You are not the first one to think of doing something like this, but it does not work. The mattress cover can help you deal with the infestation, but you will not be completely safe.

Bed bugs hiding in carpets or other areas can still make their way to you or your family and feed. You have to look at mattress covers as a tool to help protect you from these bugs but not a complete solution. Bed bugs will usually stay near the bed, but there are some who hide further away or in other furniture.

For example, some bed bugs hide in couches, especially if a member of your family likes to sleep on the couch. In fact, a family in Michigan had trouble with bed bugs in their couch, which only highlights the issue some cities are having when second hand furniture is sold as reported by

These bugs can still harass you. You want to make sure that you make an appointment to deal with this problem head-on.

I think a bed bug mattress cover can be helpful. These covers can keep you safe and make it easier to get rid of the problem, not to mention keep your mattress clean, which is always good. Those who are thinking of throwing away the mattress should definitely purchase the cover, especially if you have already treated your home for bed bugs.

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