Reverie Vs Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable beds allow you to regain control of your bedroom and finally have a bed that you can relax in. Health Guidance even recommends that you use an adjustable bed if you have severe back pain.

Back pain, one of the leading reasons people go to the doctor, can limit mobility and cause severe pain daily.

Adjustable beds eliminate back pain, along with helping if you have problems with sleep apnea and snoring. Regular beds cannot provide the level of comfort or support an adjustable bed offers.

You’ll also find that adjustable beds, depending on the model, may come with a plethora of advanced features, like USB ports and AC outlets, which make charging your devices easier and more convenient.

Reverie and Leggett & Platt are the leading manufacturers of adjustable beds. They both offer their own set of unique features while offering something new and exciting with each new version they produce.

Model Name

Reverie 8Q

Reverie 7S

Reverie 5D



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Bluetooth Control X X X X
Wall Hugger Design X X X
Intensity Levels X X X X
Memory Positions X x X X X
Illuminated Remotes X X
Zero-gravity X X X
Anti-snore X X
One-button Flat X
AC Outlets X
USB Port X X X
MicroHook retention system X
Programmable base position X

We’re going to look at the top models from each company to find one that fits your needs.

Reviews of Reverie Adjustable Beds

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed

Reverie’s 8Q adjustable bed comes in three main sizes: Twin XL, Queen and King. The 8Q offers an elevation from any angle thanks to the head and foot of the bed being adjustable. Ultra-quiet in design, the 8Q features:

  • Bluetooth Smart Mobile Module control
  • Remote stand
  • USB port
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Head, foot and full body options
  • Alarm function
  • Zero-gravity pre-set condition
  • Under-the-bed nightlight
  • 20-year warranty

Reverie offers state-of-the art features, such as an alarm function, that offers a gentle massage or lifts your head when it’s time to wake up. The head and foot of the bed can be controlled separately to provide elevation at any angle.

A remote stand is provided to keep your remote secure, while the stand also offers a USB port and AC outlets for charging your devices.

The 8Q includes a massage setting that is ultra-quiet and boasts 10 intensity levels. Users can sit back, use their remote and enjoy a nice massage from the comfort of their own bed. There’s also Bluetooth technology incorporated into the remote.

With Bluetooth, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control your bed via the free app.

Pre-set conditions have been programmed into the bed to allow for an easy, efficient way to set your bed up at night. If you snore, there’s an anti-snore setting that will ensure your head is lifted to open up your airways while you sleep.

If you want to alleviate pressure on your lumbar area, the Zero-gravity pre-set can help. Spine Health says restorative sleep is key to reducing lumbar pain.

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed

Reverie’s 7S is made by the same people who brought you the Tempurpedic Ergo. This adjustable bed offers a cotton design, head and foot rest elevation, and a Bluetooth Mobile Module. This bed’s list of full features includes:

  • Bluetooth Smart Mobile Module
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Head, foot or full-body options
  • Zero-gravity pre-set
  • 2 programmable memory positions
  • Alarm function
  • 20-year warranty

Reverie’s 7S adjustable bed is a lot like the 8Q, but it’s an earlier model that’s missing some key features. The main difference is that there are no:

  • USB outlets
  • AC outlets

And a lack of outlets means that you can’t charge or run your devices off of your bed. The 7S has most of the remaining features that the 8Q offers. This model has the 10 intensity levels that allow for a great massage when you wake up in the morning.

An anti-snore and zero-gravity pre-set allows you to reduce stress on your lower lumbar and helps open your airways when you sleep – stopping snoring in its tracks.

The legs on the 7S are adjustable to meet your height preference. Reverie additionally includes four corner retainer bats that provide more support for your lower back. Split function control, offered on king-sized models, allows both people to adjust the bed to their preferences.

The 7S also comes in smaller sizes or options that don’t have Bluetooth.

But if you’re like me, Bluetooth control is a great additional feature that adds to the versatility of your bed.

While less advanced than the 8Q, the 7S is an adjustable bed that’s ideal for lower lumbar support, offers ample alarm functions and has pre-sets, too.

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed

Reverie’s 5D model is a basic adjustable bed by Reverie, so it’s not as advanced as the 8Q or the 7S. Despite the lack of advanced features, it offers a great entry-level option for anyone on a tighter budget.

The 5D features:

  • Wireless remote
  • 2 memory positions
  • Head and foot elevation
  • Massage feature
  • 10 intensity levels
  • 20-year warranty
  • Head and leg elevation

Key features that you’ll find missing from the 5D, when compared to the other models we mentioned, are:

  • No Bluetooth controls
  • No alarm features
  • No USB ports

The bed doesn’t offer pillow tilting either. But for a basic adjustable bed, this model does offer two memory positions – great for finding that one position that’s always comfortable. The massage feature is provided, too.

But the bed doesn’t offer the alarm feature that wakes you up with a nice massage in the morning.

The wireless remote offers sufficient control and range, too.

Back support is provided via the four corner retainer bars, so you’ll always have more than enough support for your back when you sleep. Split king and California king models are also available.

Split function will allow both sleepers to control their respective sides of the bed independently.

An earlier Reverie model, the 5D offers the basic functions you need to have a good night’s sleep on an adjustable bed. While this model lacks advanced features, it does one thing well: supports your back.

You can even enter zero-gravity – a major bonus.

If you’re looking for a more basic adjustable bed, the 5D is a great choice.

Reviews of Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds

S-Cape Adjustable Bed

The S-Cape includes a split adjustable base, and a wall hugger design that provides a dual full body massage. Leggett and Platt have included some of the industry’s leading features into their adjustable bed, including:

  • Dual body massage
  • Dual wireless remotes
  • Wall hugger feature
  • 2 custom memory buttons
  • 1-touch flat button

The S-Cape has been highly reviewed by Sleep Essentials, if you want to watch the video below.

When you prefer a specific position to sleep in, the two custom memory positions are ideal. These position settings allow you to quickly go into a position that you prefer. If you prefer to go into a position to watch television, click the button, and you’re on your way.

A nice feature that this bed boasts is a one-touch flat button that puts the user into a flat laying position.

The remotes come with an option to go directly into the zero-gravity position. Easy-to-use, the remote is made for the entry-level user who doesn’t want to deal with a complicated control system.

If you want to make the bed low profile, you can remove the legs from the bed frame, too. The issue is that the bed can damage the floor if you remove just the casters.

When choosing the S-Cape, you’re choosing a model that’s been designed to help with your night discomforts. The times when acid reflux or leg cramps ruin your night will be a thing of the past.

The wall hugging design also allows you to place your bed close to a nightstand, which is something a lot of adjustable beds don’t offer.

Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed

The Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed is far more advanced than the S-Cape, which is a more basic version offered by Leggett & Platt. This adjustable bed features a split design for the King and California King versions.

Prodigy 2.0 features:

  • Backlit touch remote
  • Bluetooth app
  • 4 memory settings; 2 memory settings on the remote
  • Dual massage
  • Underbed lighting
  • Wall hugger design
  • 8 USB ports
  • Microhook retention system
  • Gentle-wake alarm

The Prodigy 2.0 features an app, controlled via Bluetooth, that allows you to store four sleeping positions into your bed. You can quickly adjust your bed for watching television, going to sleep or reading.

There are two memory features present on the remote.

Underbed lighting allows you to always have an illuminated space to wake. If you’ve had other beds where the mattress slips, the unit features a microhook retention system that keeps the 2.0’s mattress in place.

Ample USB ports, eight in total, are built into the side of the base. You can plug in all of your devices with plenty of room to spare. A wall hugging design also allows you to place your Prodigy 2.0 against a nightstand for additional comfort.

Head tilt is provided to alleviate neck strain and pain.

There’s also a wave massage function, only available via the app, which will allow you to enjoy a nice wave massage while you sleep. The 2.0 is an adjustable bed that offers one of the most robust set of features on the market today.

For a truly advanced adjustable bed that offers everything from a gentle alarm to dual massage and memory settings, the Prodigy 2.0 is a great option.

Premier Adjustable Bed

Leggett & Platt’s Premier series bed is an adjustable bed that comes with a 7-inch tablet remote. This model is older than the Prodigy 2.0, but it does come with a lot of great features that might make it a good choice for you.

This model features:

  • Wireless remote
  • App control
  • LP connect technology
  • Pillow-tilt
  • Fully body massage
  • Wall hugger design
  • Intensity levels
  • USB ports
  • Underbed light

On either side of the base, you’ll find USB ports that allow you to plug in your electronics. The wireless remote feature allows you to control your bed without the hassle of cords. App control is optimal, yet the company has started to discontinue the free tablet feature.

Pillow-tilt allows you to rest in comfort, while the wall hugger design allows you to move the bed close to the wall or a nightstand.

Intensity levels allow you to have full control over your full body massage. You can adjust the intensity of the wave and pulse settings.

An underbed light is featured that allows you to illuminate your space at night. The unit provides LP Connect functionality, which is a major advancement. This feature allows for complete home control – if you have the system in place.

LP Connect allows for bed, light and other device control right from inside the app.

The Premier series once was a high-end series, and if you have an LP connect system, this model will allow you to leverage your system even further. Still a high-end adjustable bed, the Premier offers a slew of great features that make it a top choice for anyone seeking an adjustable bed.

Reverie and Leggett & Platt both offer high-end adjustable beds that are feature rich and provide a comfortable night of sleep. If I were to pick one Reverie model from the group, it would have to be the 8Q.

USB and AC outlets are included with the 8Q along with 10 intensity levels, a gentle wake alarm, Bluetooth control, anti-snore, zero-gravity pre-sets and so much more.

Leggett & Platt makes the choice even more difficult, with the Prodigy 2.0 edging out the Premier. The Prodigy 2.0 is for the serious sleeper and includes 8 USB ports – I’m not sure you’ll ever need that many.

There are also four customizable presets, Bluetooth control, underbed light and a microhook system that keeps the mattress in place.

It’s my top choice from the Leggett & Platt company.

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